Easter Gifting

I always LOVE curating the girls easter baskets, coming up with new themes, color stories, and things they will love! This year it started with the vessel I found these adorable phone purses that actually connect to an iPhone and thought the girls would have SO much fun with them. I wanted to keep their baskets SUPER streamline to only things they needed and one or two things for fun!

Past Easter Basket Inspo

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I was inspired by the bags and their favorite colors and that is how I shopped! If something comes in one style and three different colors. I want it. I filled the baskets with swim, a new water bottle, a sucker, clips and the CUTEST macaron cars! Serisouly cannot wait for Easter morning!


Other items:

Macaron Trucks | Suckers | Key Chains | Flags | Care Bear Outfits (these are old but you could DM her)

I love giving bright things to get them geared up for summer, but if the traditional Easter theme is your thing, I curated that one too!

Chocolate Bunny Bank | Cuddle + Kind | Bunny Ears | Bunny Book | Easter Book | Linen Carrot | Lettuce Surprise Ball

To incorporate Easter things at the beginning of the season, I give each girl a little spring stack! This gives them new festive pajamas, a seasonal read and a new friend! I always add a Tag too, I used the Chalk Designs By Me X Kelsey Klos bunny nose!

I want to say, do not feel pressure to buy a single thing, even wrapping a book from the library or getting out stuffed animals from the Easter box is extra special and just what your kiddos need!



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