Easter Baskets 2020

The Easter baskets are finally done and I’m OBSESSED with them! I do not know how I am going to wait until Easter to show the girls! Here is a peek into the baskets! Head to Instagram to get all the details in my stories!

I worked with Cuddle & Kind this Easter and each basket was inspired by one of their dolls. I really love keeping everything in a color pallet and on theme. I also worked with Why and Whale for all the toys, basket stuffers and Brennan’s adorable basket! They are a one stop shop for everything you need which is so easy and perfect! Their baskets are 100% SMALL SHOPS, which I am so proud to say with whats going on right now.

I do want to say, a lot of this product was gifted to me, and I have had them planned for a while. If I was just starting to fill them, they would be much smaller. I realize they are over the top but I am so excited to give them to the girls after what they have been through in our recent move. Thank you to all the shops who helped me make these come alive, who did trades with me, and had confidence in my vision!


Ray’s Coral & Purple Mermaid Basket



Denver’s Teal & Purple Mermaid Basket



Brennan’s Simple and Sweet Easter Basket



All links are on THIS post and on my Instagram page! I hope you enjoyed!


XO Kelsey

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