Easter Goodies

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Easter is one of my favorite things to plan for the girls! (it took everything in me not to do a third basket for baby girl). This year I decided to do something a little different. Lately, the girls have been OBSESSED with rain boots. I have to hide the ones they have in our closet or they spend the entire day asking to put them on or marching around the house in them.

So, instead of baskets I found these unicorn and glitter boots from Target that I will fill with tons of fun goodies! (Check out the entire Cat & Jack rain boot line, it was impossible to pick just two). I always do some sort of pjs and stuffed animals for them. With every year, the girls love specific things, these amazon PJs were a HIT for valentines day so I thought the blue were perfect for Easter. The girls love Slumberkins so their special Easter peep release was perfect for them, these are from their Baba- I know they’ll be obsessed. Other little things like sunglasses, a Wunderkin bow and some Ryan & Wren clips and these girls will be thrilled! As always I will tie on their Chalk Designs By Me tags- check out her shop, she has new pastel tags that are beyond perfect for Easter!

Easter morning will be extra festive this year with this party ware from Ellie and Piper. Can you even handle those carrot napkins? I plan to do bunny pancakes to contrast with the flower plates, and of course well indulge in easter candy and jelly beans!

I will share the final results as I put them together! Happy almost Spring!

Update: they are together and they are PERFECT! I added in jellybeans, glitter chalk and glitter bunny ears from Target and carrot bubbles! Ahhh the cuteness!

…and one more shot of Ray’s left boot because the colors are TOO perfect!

xo, Kelsey

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