Alt Summit 2023

I had been watching Alt Summit happen on Instagram for years. A women empowering conference held in sunny Palm Springs filled with color and creatives. With speakers like Oh Joy, Joanna Gaines and Martha Stewart, never in my dreams did I think I would get to attend something like this.

Nicole of Art 2 the Extreme reached out to Whitney of Madly Wish and I and we made it happen. The conference had a couple of off years and it was their first time back since 2020. We booked a room at The Saguaro– Yes, the rainbow hotel of my dreams, and were ready to experience the magic. It was Whitney and my first time and really didn’t know what to expect, but let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations.

We arrived Sunday afternoon and the hotel was already buzzing with ALT arrivals and color. I took a little tour of the hotel to see the conference rooms, restaurants and pool. Artists were creating and setting up their installations for the week, it was already breathtaking. We hung by the pool enjoying spicy margaritas waiting to check in. In the short time by the pool, we met life long friends. We got changed and headed up to the gifting party. Small businesses were set up and every attendee chose 5 items. I snagged a purse, stickers, pool floats and post cards. The gifting was madness but totally worth it!

After the party we walked a bit and headed to a pop up stationery event with our new friends. Laughter and new purses filled the car as we navigated downtown Palm Springs. We shopped stickers, jewels, more bags and stationery- then it was time to eat. We sat outside at a restaurant next door enjoyed tuna tostadas and IPA.

Day One

We began Monday with breakfast and coffee by the pool then straight to the opening Key Note speech. We listened to Gabrielle Blair the creator of Alt Summit talk about her new book and all things empowering women. The rest of the day was filled with activities and learning opportunities. We did head shots with 2 different photographers, met with small businesses and explored the market place. We stopped into conferences and talks that made sense for our business. But really the best part of the day was joining some ones table or making small talk at lunch. The connections and relationships that were building were incredible.

The evening approached and it was time for dinner. Whitney and I met with Lisa and Laura and headed into town for an amazing dinner. We chatted Margaritas, fun ideas and everything in between. It was time for the monochromatic dance party back at the hotel. I was dressed in head to toe HOT PINK and was so much fun! Open bar, disco balls and photo ops. We danced the night away and ended sitting on the porch over looking the pool.

Day Two

We got up BRIGHT and early and spent an hour with Sarah taking photos. Whitney, Nicole and I wore fun outfits and walked the property of The Saguaro capturing the solid colored doors, rainbow elements and ended up in the pool. It was so much fun and I cannot wait to see the photos.

From there we grabbed breakfast and I had a very special guest! An instagram bestie of mine, Reina, drove up from San Diego to have coffee with me. We sat by the pool and talked like we had been friends forever, pure magic. The day was a little less hectic which was nice. I met Kelsey Nixon and Elle Rowly of Solly Baby by the pool. It was a series FAN GIRL moment. I got to chat with them both and connect with Elle, remember THIS story? She did and I was practically in tears. After lunch we went to back to back talks about your business and your money, and another of monetizing off of Newsletters. I left with so much information, feeling like I was on the right path in some aspects and inspired to do more in others.

It was time for the closing Key Note, Bobby. He talked about interior design, his experience on Queer Eye and his new book coming in September (which we all received a copy of, YAY). The conversations did not stop, everyone I walked past was my new friend or someone I was dying to know. New ideas were forming left and right and I could not get enough.

After some R and R in the room we headed out to dinner with another new friend we met in the lobby. A couple hours over craft cocktails and appetizers at The Farm and we were feeling overly inspired.

Day Three

The last day, packing and breakfast. Today there were round tables, crafting and those last minute important conversations walking out the door. What a surreal experience, life long connection and MAJOR growth as a creative Alt Summit was. TAKE ME BACK.



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