Fruit Themed Easter Inspo

My love of fruit runs DEEP, I have had fruit themed birthday parties as a little girl and I went through some serious phases obsessed with all the things. It’s making a comeback for spring and I am embracing it in the girls Easter Baskets. This theme is really fun if you like your baskets to slide right into summer and last another season.

I always like to make the girls baskets just a little bit different from each other, so I wanted each of them to get a different fruit! I started with Jammies and Swim suit to see what fruits  I could find and established a theme for each girl.

For Ray I am going with all things Strawberries and Cherry, this was super easy to find and she loved pink.

Brennan is my tropical fruit/ fruit salad- anything goes.

Denver‘s favorite color is blue so I went with lemons and blueberries.

Here is a little visual of everything going in. I am still working on a vessel or basket, right now I am thinking a crate like these, or a wire basket we already have. II really like to use something I can utilize for storage!


Additional things going in that are not pictured are cute little sensory kits from Bright Box Play, Custom Lollipops from The Sweet Story Line and I will add some cute Chalk Designs By Me tags of course.

All the suits, pjs and socks are linked HERE | The books and Bags are linked HERE | When you shop Dabble + Dollop use KELSEYKLOS for 10% off

Stay tuned for the final results…




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