Easter Bunny Baskets 2021

More BASKETS, I cannot get enough and I always have the BEST time curating them for the girls! As always I like to do something unique with the presentation. I have done so many different things in the past this one was a little harder to come up with!

I got the first thing for their baskets from Giddy up and Grow and they got the ball rolling. The sweetest bunny ears, so I had to make the entire basket look like a bunny. Who do I call first? Miranda at Chalk Designs by Me of course. She made the sweetest bunny nose and whisker tags for the girls, I used crates I already had, and actually used for Halloween baskets this past year. I ordered some bunny tails for the back and added a carrot clip. I think they look so dang cute, here’s what I put inside.

It was kind of accidental but each girl took on their own color. I never like buying the exact same thing and tend to get three different colors, but when I finally pulled them together they looked so dang cute together.

No basket is complete without Cuddle and Kind and they are such a huge inspiration when I created these baskets. They girls are getting three new dolls in the small size and they are just going to love them. I kept the theme of their baskets classic Easter, last year was not so traditional so I had fun mixing it up!

Each girl is getting Pajamas, Easter Cups filled with Candy, Bunny Ears, Bows, Carrot clips an Easter Book and a finger puppet. They are also getting an egg surprise ball and egg cookies to decorate. The big girls are getting little bunny purses as well. I will also tuck in a tiny blanket for their dolls that is on the way in the mail. Some things not pictured like festive t shirts and new moccs for Brennan.

I also have some fun sensory kits and sticker books that didn’t quite fit, perfect for the baskets or something fun leading up to Easter! (Links Below)

Ray’s Basket


Denver’s Basket


Brennan’s Basket


Hope this inspires you for baskets this year!

crates | dolls | pajamas | cups | tags | bunny tails | carrot clips | bows | bunny ears (use kelsey15 for 15% off) | candy, tin eggs + flocked bunnies | books | finger puppets | cookies | sensory kits | blankets | t shirts | surprise eggs + bunny bags



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