Tags, Toppers and Ties, Oh My!

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorites things at Christmas time. I love making the package be just as fun as whatever is inside. I usually only get one or two papers a year, but I found SO many that I loved this year so I had to share. For a little hint of what I’ve done in the past you can see my wrapping thorough the years: 2019, 2018, 2017.

Last year was my absolute FAVORITE! I used wrapping paper from Denver’s 4th birthday and all sorts of gift toppers! I loved it so much that I will be doing some similar things this year but adding a little more color and whimsy.

Let’s start with the paper.

  1. I am loving these bold stripes from Joy Creative Shop, the mix of bright colors is so fun and it will break up my patterned wrap really well. Use KELSEY10 for 10% off
  2. I went pretty much full blown Mr. Boddington this year. His prints are my absolute FAVORITE, I even have his Christmas color palette framed- it’s so good! This year I went with the Ornaments, Color Palette, Christmas in Copenhagen + Ski Slopes. I am so excited to use these with fun toppers and ribbons to highlight the gorgeous colors. Keep in mind ever Color on the Palette paper describes something Christmas like ‘Clara’s Ballet Slippers’ ‘Santa’s Naughty List’ Etc.
  3. This Color blocked wrapping paper from Oh Happy Day Party shop is SO fun and graphic! We used both the red and pink and teal and green for the Merry and Bright House of Fete shoot and it is SO happy!
  4. This is one of my favorite hacks! Anthropologie Tissue Paper! If you shop in store ask for a few extra sheets! I love the color and ribbons and tags look just beautiful on it!


5. I love having tags I can use over and over again! Pro tip: write names on the back or designate wrapping paper to your kids so you don’t waste good tags.

My favorites here are solid pink tags | Santa Mug die cuts | MERRY tags | Chalk Designs By Me Christmas tags are THE BEST. I’ve had them for years and they are so adorable to top any package!

6. I LOVE gift wrapping kits, a little bundle of toppers all in one to make each gift extra special! This year I am loving the kits by August Root. The most gorgeous pompoms, tags, ribbons and more! It’s also a MUST to have jingle bells around- they add the perfect touch to presents!


7. Ribbons of course. I mostly use scraps I have collected over the years, yarn and twine, but I HAD to have this gorgeous velvet ribbon from Anthro. It is such a good deal and so gorgeous.


I hope this helps you plan your wrapping this year and stay tuned for the final result!

Update! The Final product



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