Gangster Wrapper

Gotta love a good wrapping pun, am I right?

I wanted to show you our wrapping this year, I am absolutely in love with it! You can find what I did last year here and the year before, here. This year I fell in love with the Mr. Boddington color story wrapping paper that I used at Denver’s Birthday Party. From there I added tissue from Anthropolgie, brown craft paper, and some other random tissues I have collected over the year.

For bows and adornments, I got the packaging kit from Shop Sweet Lulu and it was amazing! I added Chalk Designs by Me tags, jingle bells, yarn, poms and anything else I had laying around!

I was super inspired by some of the greats on Instagram, Karissa, Amy, Marisa, Julie and more (all the accounts are saved in my wrapping highlight on Instagram)



Hope this inspired you to get wrapping!



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