The One with All the Thanksgivings

House Of Fete  wanted to do something small for Thanksgiving just for fun. There was no other appropriate theme other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S, so we ran with it. Marissa and I are avid fans so had no trouble incorporating ALL the details.

It started with the classic Thanksgiving menu items that appeared in the show. Each character had their own item to bring to dinner. We had Hand Lettered by Tiffany create a custom menu for us with each item and an illustration. We made everything ourselves, including the classic English Trifle. We also incorporated Funyuns and Toblerone bars for added detail.

We set a coffee table as we thought Monica would, served up coffee and even invited Will to dinner. We had so much fun shooting at the Loft by The Collective Creative, the wedding dress photo was the icing on the cake!



Concept and Styling + Photography @house.of.fete

Venue @theloftbyccc

Tableware @ellieandpiperco

Cake topper @fancyfreefinery

Menu and name plates @handletteredbytiffany

Cookies @royallyiced

Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone!



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