Stocking Stuffers 2020

Stockings are really my favorite things to shop for for the girls. Santa will bring a few things to put under the tree but most things come from grandparents, etc and let’s be honest, they really need NOTHING.

I wanted to share what I am loving for the girls this year. Denver is 5, Ray 3 and Brennan 1.5. Ray and Denver typically get the same thing with a color change, they are at the age where things have to be even or the same, or we have fights.  Brennan is still young so gets only a few things special for her.

Shopping SMALL is very important to me. I have fallen in love with several brands for toys and wanted to share it all with you!

  1. Small toys for the big girls. These toy mice are PERFECT for the doll house. The cute mail truck will become a part of their toy car collection. I especially love the mail one because they love when the mailman arrives (I wonder why?)
  2. Give us all the arts and crafts, especially in winter time. I love these custom crayons, sparkly play dough, markers and paint brushes. I also will include a couple of notepads to hold all their creations.
  3. Pretend play. Temporary tattoos are always a hit for the girls. I also love these butterfly wings to play dress up!
  4. Cuddle and Kind dolls forever and always! I am really digging the cold weather characters like the polar bear and penguin.
  5. Something they actually need! Tubby Todd is our go to for bath time. They just came out with festive scents in bubble bath, hair and body wash and lotion. Click HERE for a discount!
  6. Something interactive that all the girls can play with. I LOVE these stacking stones, because the colors are so fun, they are great for fine motor skills and I can split the blocks among the girls!
  7. Goodies for Brennan. I chose a fun board book for her stocking as well as a wooden fawn. I thought she was really sweet and not too christmasy.

I will also include bows and bracelets in the girls stockings being that they are OBSESSED with accessorizing! 

I also want to say, do not think you need to get any of these things. I read on Instagram the other days, small children will not remember what was under the tree, but they will remember the smell of Christmas cookies, reading stories on Christmas Eve and traditions that your family has. It has been a tough year for everyone- magic is more important than materials.

Update on stockings!

I wanted to share the girls final stockings and what is actually going in! I am SO excited for them this year, I know the girls will absolutely LOVE them!! 





    A huge THANK YOU to Why and Whale, making it so easy and fun to curate 3 stockings at one shop! 

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  1. I LOVED this post, and loved discovering Why and Whale through here! I ordered a ton of great things I know my kids are just going to adore in their stockings. Thanks so much for all your Inspo!

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