Wrap Party

As Denver gets a little older and starts to understand Santa, it’s becoming much more fun! The tree and what go under it are a little different this year since D is into everything! So, all gifts will go out Christmas morning and I really want that wow factor when everyone wakes up. I’ve always wanted to do a cohesive Christmas, having all the gifts look good together under the tree, this year I am taking on the challenge.


I LOVE simple brown paper packages (tied up with string), they are rustic and a great canvas to do whatever you want. I buy a huge roll from office max and dress it up! I also wanted to splurge a little bit and contrast with a nicer paper. I chose this print from Rifle Paper Co. I got six sheets and I’m using it mostly for bigger gifts and things for the hubby. It’s so whimsical and gorgeous, I’ll probably keep a sheet, just because.


Ribbons & Bows

This year I decided to use what I had around the house and one or two spools of something sparkly. I wanted to stay away from the “frustrating” bows. The gifts need to be easy to unwrap and not require scissors (avoiding toddler meltdowns in anyway possible).

One word, YARN. I have tons of it and it looks so cute wrapped around the gifts, I’m also making some pompoms for the presents instead of bows. I have a feeling Denver will prefer the Pom over the gift 😂. I got a sparkle ribbon and something silver with wire, makes adorable bows and curls!

Pompom tutorial – it’s SO easy!

I also love adding part of the gift on the outside of the present. I buy ornaments at Christmas time, and they look adorable tied on to the ribbon. The “R” from The Land of Nod makes it perfect gift for Ray, no tag needed. I added the teether to attach to the bib inside and used the adorable bonnet card on the outside of Ray’s Briar bonnet. The adorable felt snowman family came from The Strand.



Tags & Tape

For tape I chose a silver Washi tape for wrapping creases that show, I also use it to tape tags and it finished the gift well. Other than that plain old scotch tape it is!


I had A LOT of fun with tags this year. In the past I’ve bought some gorgeous “From Santa” tags from Sugar Paper, I keep them and use them over and over (just write on the back). This year I had an idea to do a custom stamp. I had it made through Paper Source, choosing a design that would typically be for a return address. For the ‘address’ I had it read “Santa’s workshop 25 Christmas Ave, North Pole.” I purchased red and green ink and these will be used on the gifts from Santa. I use red for Ray and green for Denver, and if they share a gift, two stamps! I already own the stamper as a return address so all I had to order were replacements and just swap them out! Score! I love the way the stamps turned out and they are SO much easier then writing out tags.


Without a tag? Use a small piece of wrapping paper, cut it to highlight the paper. I cut out the trees or candy canes to make it look like a matching tag!


Non wrapped

On Christmas morning there are some big gifts that will just sit by the tree, a bike from Grammie & Pops, Candy Kirby dolls from their aunt Carolyn & Uncle Charlie and the hunter boots for Denver. They are so cute and exciting, they don’t need covered!


The keep the gifts cohesive I chose one metallic (silver) to make the Rifle Paper pop and add lots of sparkle. I chose mainly one color ribbon (red) I accented with white and used anything else I had lying around. It wasn’t easy wrapping this year with an interested toddler and a demanding babe, but I made it work and love the way they turned out.

That’s a wrap! Ha.



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