Traveling with Two & how Solly Baby Wrap saved my life. 

As you know, I’ve had to do A LOT of traveling with the girls by my self, post hurricane Irma. Our first flight as a family of four wasn’t supposed to be until mid October. I was planning on reading all the blogs and Pinterest suggestions I could. I was going to pack treats for those in seats around us on the plane, I planned to be overly prepared, PLUS, I would have had a stroller & Danny! None of these things happened. 

We were thrown into a traveling situation by getting on the cruise ship, and once we got off the boat we were headed straight for the airport. Let me tell you, a rambunctious toddler and a newborn is no picnic- but we made it work. By the time I walked off the plane in Charlotte, I felt like super mom- I could do anything! Here are a couple things I am SO happy I had and a few I was really missing! 

Travel Must Haves

A Solly Baby Wrap

The first thing I did when I had cell service after the hurricane was email Elle at Solly Baby. I had to thank her immediately, her wrap saved my girls life. In the middle of a life threatening hurricane Ray was in my Solly and I was able to hold Denver, without it, I really don’t know what I would have done. Then when it came to traveling, I always pictured having a stroller, for one, or both kids… and of course I thought I would have Danny. 

Every time I left the room on the cruise ship, I wore Ray. That gave me both hands, one to hold Denver, and one to function (still wasn’t enough, but it worked). Ray was so comfortable and safe wrapped up in my Solly so she slept the whole time. One less thing I had to stress over.


I had downloaded Denver’s favorite movies (Trolls & Sing) on my iPad and she had constant entertainment. It kept her distracted and happy (for the most part), this was the easiest thing for us. I could have packed crayons and toys, but honestly I would end up taking them away after she colored on something or the toy got annoying. Save the space & the stress, become a #screenmom. 


Give me all the peanut butter. Not only does a peanut butter sandwich fill Denver’s belly, it makes her fall asleep. I packed several sammies, and every snack I could fit. Grapes, goldfish, pringles, anything that would interest her and keep her happy. Don’t forget a water bottle with their favorite drink. I suggest water, spilling is no big deal and it’s easy to refill. Don’t forget something for you either, I was constantly finding myself hungry, but didn’t want to make the effort with the girls to get food. I wish I had some Oat Mama bars on me to keep my energy up for me and for Ray. 



and a changing pad, those things in the bathroom and on the plane gross me out, also, all the hand sanitizer! 

A change of clothes 

Because when the baby poops all over her self and you, at least she’ll have a cute new outfit. 

… make sure you pack all of these things in a diaper bag that can be worn as a backpack. I had my Fawn Design, and took it EVERYWHERE! If it went on my shoulder, it would not have been doable. 


Oh, the patience. If I wasn’t feeling like a super hero, I wanted to scream. When I had those moments of frustration I had to remember, Denver had been trapped in a room for two weeks. I had to step back and realize whatever she was doing was NOT the end of the world. I was able to find kid play places on the ship & in the airport and that saved me. She needed a place to run around desperately. Plus, the less I got mad the less I stressed and the faster the days went. Just had to keep my eye on the ball of getting to our destination. 

Don’t overpack

I packed each girl a blanket, a sweater if it was cold on the plane, and a lot of other crap I did not need. My diaper bag was bursting and when I tried to get to the important stuff it was impossible. Be minimal, pack the necessities. 

We are traveling more in October, this time we can prepare, but we’re still alone. I’m going to try and listen to my own advice and see how it goes! 



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