Flatlay Classes

If you didn’t know already, I have been teaching virtual flatlay classes. You can book my in a group setting or one on one, we take the hour together and I guide you in every move to create the perfect flatlay. Throughout the process I explain my moves, why I am making them and other tips and tricks that can be helpful to styling a product shoot.

I have been teaching for a little while and while I am still navigating the best way to make the most out of the hour we spend together, I had a couple of students do some very helpful things that could work for your class. The process is pretty simple. First you sign up for the class of your choice with THIS LINK.

From there I send you an email about payment and everything you need to bring to class. Nothing is required but this list makes the class go smoothly and gives you all the tools you need to execute a KK flatlay. If you cannot get anything else on the list make sure you have these two things:

  1. A white board– I know that your background can vary in the future my 9.5/10 times everything will look best on a white board. This also helps me focus on your main subject through the screen
  2. A phone holder- This link is sent to you of course, but you can shop for one now HERE. This device will hold your phone (that will be logged into zoom as well) during the class. This allows me to see your board for the entire duration of the class and really absorb what I am working with

A few days before class I will email you a ZOOM link. You will first log in on a computer or iPad just like normal, put this device on gallery mode so you can see all screens involved. You will also log into this link on your phone. When using the phone you will choose NO AUDIO so there is no echo during class.

I will be logged in on my computer so you can see me and we can chat, I will also be logged in on my phone so you can see my board. This way if I need to visually communicate with you, I can!

From there I will take a look at what you have chosen to style and we will start styling. By the end of an hour you will have a gorgeous flatlay!

All of that being said, I had a few students come a little more prepared and it made things run SO smoothly, so I wanted to share!

First, I had a student sign up for a one on one wanting to do 2 or 3 different flats. She had several boards set out and actually styled everything how she thought it would look good. The class then consisted of me telling her what to shift and move to make it even better. This gave us a great head start. I could see everything I knew she wanted to include, what and why it was important to the flatlay and we just spent the time tweaking what she had done. This is probably not for the beginner, but a great time saver if you feel comfortable starting without me.

Secondly, another student sent me a photo with everything she had to use before the class. I was able to have my zoom screen on one side to see where we were going to place and the photo she sent also pulled up so I knew what we were working with. It is SO helpful for me to know everything you have so I can make the right decisions of where to place every item.

Here is a little screen shot from our one on one where I was able to see everything she had and pull from the photo!

I hope these tidbits give you a better visual of how your class will go and make sure you come ultra prepared for the BEST results!



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