SANTA! I know him! { The Elf is BACK}

Sprinkle has arrived in fashion and because the Elf knows the big man himself, she brought all kinds of Santa goodies. Our Elf loves to party first thing but then pretty much chills the rest of the month, keeping a close eye on the girls.


She brought the girls gorgeous cookies and even some to decorate for Santa. The table was decorated with North Pole goodies, you can see the village laid out on the table runner and tiny glittery houses, just like Santa’s workshop. 


Each plate had a gorgeous cloth Santa napkin and even a Letter from Santa! The letters were addressed to each girl and wished them a happy holidays all the way from the North Pole. The girls decorated cookies and the Elf even disappeared with them to deliver the sweets to Santa. 


Let the magic begin my friends! Check out the past years Elf Arrival including a little guide to help the Elf out!

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