She’s BACK {Elf on the Shelf 2020}

Year two for us for the beloved Elf on the Shelf, the girls finally appreciate what is happening and they think it’s pure magic! This year Sprinkle arrived bringing COOKIES of course. She had her own tiny rolling pin, a cookie tray of cookies and brought the cutest cookie coins for the girls. She had quite the set up with tons of confetti and even new ornaments for the girls!

I found the coolest melamine plates from Ellie and Piper to use for the girls all Christmas Season and styled the set around them! I added tiny cake stands, mini marshmallows and the sweetest letters to Santa. The girls absolutely LOVED it!!




To be honest, this is as big as the Elf will go for the season, she will bring some christmas themed gifts for the first week then tends just to move around a bit!

I did a little calendar for myself to make it easy to think of what do do with her, so I wanted to share my ideas with you! and here is a printable calendar so you can jot down your ideas!

Elf Schedule

Elf Schedule

Blank Elf Schedule 2020

The Elf only brings gifts on a few days and its most likely something they would already get. I also have the Elf bring out Christmas toys they already have like their Hot Chocolate set and phone to Santa. They forget they have these toys and it seems brand new!

Also check out the Elf Welcome Breakfast from last year HERE


Plates, tree ornaments, napkins, cutlery + fringe (Ellie and Piper Co) | Cookies | Santa Letters | Tiny Elf Gang Sign | Felt garland| Star garlands | Confetti | Ornaments | Straws | Ornament Stir sticks



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