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So, I was doing my daily scroll on Tiktok and found this AMAZING account. Courtney of The Vettle Farm, is a vintage Christmas enthusiast and her feed is full of ALL the inspo. What caught my eye is how she displayed her vintage Christmas ornaments, on an old screen and she hung them all in a shape of a tree. I have been storing all my glass ornaments in jars because I am too scared they will come off of the tree and break with the girls running around. 


This DIY was a perfect solution. It just so happened we had a white frame with chicken wire in the garage that we used for a House of Fete party so I dropped everything and recreated her DIY.

I had just gotten my large colorful ornaments from Terrain and Glitterville so I used them to take the bulk of the space and I layered in all of our special glass ornaments that were currently in jars. 

I started with purple and worked up through the rainbow, filling the spaces with my tiny glass ornaments that never had the time to shine. This now lives on my mantle and I am so in love with how it came out!  

ACS_3034 2

A few links to ornaments that are still available:

Candies | Balloon Reindeer | Mini vintage inspired | Large Balls (these are larger than the ones pictured |



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