Elf On the Shelf {North Pole Breakfast with Daydream Society}

Well, I am finally doing this Elf thing. I have put it off every year, because, do I really need ONE more thing to plan and keep up with in the month of December? But, when I saw the mini elf on the shelf flags Whimsical Darlings Co was making- I had to participate. Denver is finally at the point where she can understand whats going on, so I am looking forward to it!

I teamed up with a few mama’s on the gram today to show you a couple ideas to welcome the Elf and some other activities to do throughout the month! I have been saving some ideas for the past couple of years as well. I am getting TONS of inspiration from Karissa over at @alittlejandk she’s the real ELF MVP. (Christmas tree pancakes inspired by her!)

Denver chose to name our Elf Sprinkle (one of the suggested names in the book, HA!), so we did the North Pole Breakfast to welcome Miss Sprinkle. Daydream Society sent over the most adorable plates, napkins and cups for a festive breakfast. This Merry & Bright pattern is so fun and whimsical! I layered with Daydream striped plates from Ellie and Piper (there were the ones I turned into paper for back to school) it broke up the heavy pattern and added a fun pop of blue. I served up Christmas tree pancakes with a little sparkle on top. I put the Against The Grain wooden sign behind the table which made the perfect backdrop! This sign is extra special because I collaborated withAgainst the Grain to create it, I hand lettered the words and drew the stars! I am in love with it!!

Elf on the Shelf North pole Breakfast23

Elf on the Shelf North pole Breakfast11

Elf on the Shelf North pole Breakfast22

Sprinkle joined us perched high to watch over us and brought lots of fun surprises for the girls! They each got a little package filled with matching Christmas Jammies, festive Zozu Baby bows and their ornament for them to hang on the tree.

Elf on the Shelf North pole Breakfast14

I am excited to embrace the Elf and hopefully she will force me to make time for the fun activities the girls will enjoy! I wrote out a little calendar for everything Sprinkle is going to do this month, this way I can plan for what I need and be a little more organized! Here is our schedule if you need help with ideas, I also added a blank one if you want to plan your own activities!

Elf on the shelf ScheduleI wanted to keep things simple and easy for me to get done, I DO NOT want to regret doing this! I did the bigger activities on the weekends so they we’re home from school, and I have time alone to prep. I also incorporated personal things like Denver’s birthday on the 2nd and her birthday party on the 7th. I’ll be using the Elf to announce things we would do already like welcome my mom into town, or bake cookies! Days with an * they will actually get a small gift. NOTHING big! They will have enough, between Christmas and their advent calendar, but it’s fun to let the Elf bring fun Christmas things. Here are the gifts they are getting:

Day 4 *Jelly Ball

Day 8 * Holiday Bingo

Day 11 *Hot chocolate and marshmallows, I got these napkins for that day

Day 14 *New Shoes to wear to see Santa (this is something I got them anyways, having the Elf bring it makes it more fun)

Day 19 *I make holiday popcorn with white chocolate and sprinkles

Day 21 *gingerbread necklaces

Blank Elf Schedule (Download)

I also included a letter to Santa I created! It makes the perfect activity before you go visit the big guy!

Copy of Copy of Dear Santa.jpg

Dear Santa Letter

Wrapping Paper | Disco ball cup | Oh What Fun sign | Star Garland | Table Cloth | Tags

I hope this inspires something fun to do with the kids! Creating magic in the month of December is my favorite thing to do! Follow on Instagram, I will post Sprinkle and all her mischief in my stories!

XO, Kelsey

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