Let’s Wrap

Y’all, it’s wrapping season and I am so excited! I have become OBSESSED with wrapping presents, it’s almost more fun than buying whatever I am wrapping! I found some fun paper in July and that kicked off my wrapping plan, I had to make a little mood board to make sure everything would be cohesive!

I keep my staple rainbow papers and Anthropologie tissue on deck- I use these every year and I cannot stay away.

IMG_7891Lets wrap 2021-01

The “Solids” and Monochromatic great to mix in with other prints and patterns, these will also give you a base color. The one in the center is tissue paper from Anthropologie, ask for some extra sheets in the store. Find number 1 and 3 HERE.

This year I started with the prints. Prints make it whimsical capturing your “vibe” for the holiday season. I have had my eye on the Santas in green chimneys forever and finally got it! I couldn’t turn down the Warhol Santa’s, the reverse is Christmas Soup and I am obsessed! Both are sold out from Oh Happy Day Party Shop, but I will keep my eyes out. Number 6 is a Home Alone print by Thread Mama, we worked together for Brennan’s Home Alone party and she created this for Christmas. I am obviously obsessed with it so I made it into wrapping paper!

Rainbow is essential. I will always love number 8, Mr. Boddington’s color swatches. I first used it for Denver’s Rainbow Christmas and fell in love. Each color is described with something holiday and it melds rainbow and Christmas perfectly together. I also keep 7 and 9 on deck from Joy Creative shop. I love the bold colors and perfect rainbow! you can use KELSEY10 for 10% off at Joy Creative Shop


Ribbons and Toppers have to be my favorite part, and the best place to add personality! This is hard to source because I keep literally EVERYTHING and throw it on the gift. A few new items I am using this year are the new velvets from Anthropologie. I snagged the three colors last year and loved them so much! It just so happened they came in the perfect colors this year! Shop them HERE and HERE.

2. These tags were so adorable, and had to have them! I love any COAL references, I think it’s hilarious. Find them HERE

3. And of course, it’s no Christmas without Chalk Designs By Me tags. Did you know the package tags were a custom request from me back in 2018!? I love how they have grown in her shop and become so popular. They make the cutest package topper and you can keep them year after year!

*They are hard to snag because they are handmade, but make sure you are following the shop on IG for updates!

I will post my final wrapping photos in mid December but wanted to give you a chance to stock ip on my favs before then!



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