Let’s Play Dress Up {Boo Baskets 2021}

You know what time it is! Back in 2018 I had collected so many cute Halloween things for the girls I decided to put everything in their Easter baskets, but make it Spooky, The Boo Basket was born. Since then it has not only become the big to do on social, I love to challenge my self in what good I can curate for the girls and of course how I present it!

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As I started to plan this years baskets I knew I wanted them to be rainbow, and because I have three girls I thought it would be fun for the rainbow to go across their baskets. This year I really did not want to fill their baskets with a bunch of toys or things I am going to pick up off the floor for the next six months (hint to why I kept the tiny trinkets to the advent). So I thought it would be fun for the baskets to be inspired by Dressing up and Trick or Treating.

ACS_2707The girls LOVE dressing up and I thought if I got them things they could wear and use again it would be a lot more purposeful. Don’t worry they’ll still get a halloween book and pjs, Ill just gift them in a different form. To roll with this idea I went straight to June and January. Not only do I shop their basics every Halloween as a base for their costume, but they of course have every color of the rainbow. I wanted the girls to each get 3-4 pieces so they could mix and match and create different characters. Depending on what J+J had in the girls sizes I assigned colors. Each of the girls got a one piece (jumper or dress), a set of pjs (short and Tee) and a skirt, this gave them at least 3 different costume options. From there I filled the baskets with accessories to create characters. 

I pulled A TON of stuff they already had, like a star headpiece from Ray’s costume last year and even the head piece I made out of felt when Denver was 8 months old. I added a new hats from Little Blue Olive for each of there girls, the hats make anything an instant costume! I shopped a bit at Why and Whale for the cutest wands, wings and cat ears. 

My favorite part was the paper dolls. I though it would be fun for the girls to be able to mix and match the outfit on paper before they tried it on! Hey Cute Design helped me get started on the doll, and I did the rest! I cant wait to see the girls play with these. 

I finished the baskets with monster headpieces from Ellie and Piper and sweet baby Cuddle and Kind dolls, cause why not! I used Chalk Designs By Me tags in the coordinating color and presented them in white FUNCTIONAL baskets from target that I will instantly use as storage. 

My favorite thing is the Dress Up sign hanging above. My girl of Stitch and Steel Co created it for me and it is too perfect for the theme. It will also hang in their room year round and creat a little dress up corner for the girls! 


I hope you love this colorful version of Boo Baskets! Remember this is NOT something you need, it can simply be a new way of presenting what your kids already have but its the added magic and thought that counts!



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