After School Snack {with Pink Chicken}

I can’t believe the girls have been back to school for a 2 months! It is definitely an adjustment having them gone and adding a schedule to the mix. After school is complicated between soccer, ballet, projects etc, I always want to squeeze in a little something for us. Keeping something after school simple and fun lets the girls relax and recharge.

After a long day at school, activities can be a bit much, but there is always time for a snack. The fall months are here so my favorite thing to do with the girls is make popcorn from scratch and relax over a movie. The girls loving watching the popcorn start to pop on the stove, from a distance, of course and choosing their toppings.

Some of our favorites are

Simple with Sprinkles: that’s right, I just add melted butter and let the girls through on sprinkled of choice, today we used edible stars and eye ball candies.

Savory: Butter and more butter, a dash of garlic salt and rosemary from daddy’s garden.

Sweet As Can Be: Butter, cinnamon sugar and a dash of brown sugar (this is their favorite).

We kicked off the fall season with new Pink Chicken dresses and popcorn in a pumpkin. The girls felt extra fancy and LOVED coming home from school with this special treat. The dresses are so perfect for the season and the color is PERFECTION!



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