Halloween Advent Calendar

Every Christmas my mother in law is so sweet to create the girls advent calendars, so when I saw Karissa of @alittlejandk do one at Halloween, I thought it would be super fun to create!   Inspired by her and Amy of @theeverco I bought this craft box with 25 doors and decided to deck it out! Ray and I painted each of the boxes in purples, gold, and shades of pink and orange. I loaded the outside with ribbons, bats, buttons and tassels. 

This year I am really trying to limit the little toys the girls get. They end up making me crazy and the girls tire of toys so quickly. so I wanted to take some of the little things that would have been staples in their boo baskets and that they still use and tuck them inside the advent calendar. I kept it to 13 days (great idea Marissa) and filled those 13 with tiny trinkets or fun activities. 


Trinket Ideas:

-Ryan and Wren Clips  (fun fact, I designed the whimsical stars! Don’t miss that one)

-Monster Peg Dolls

Ghost clips


Temporary tattoos 


IMG_4496 2Activity Ideas:

-Watch Hocus Pocus and make popcorn 

-Watch Room on the Broom in Witch hats

-Bake Pumpkin shaped corn bread

-Carve Pumpkins!

-Bonfire and smores

-Get Dressed up! Were going Trick or Treating!


Favorite things to use to decorate

The Ever co pins | Cami Monet Bats | Pearl + Jane Garlands | Pumpkin Bells

Hope you love it!

XO, Kelsey

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