Let’s Talk Bows… again

I did a bow post last summer when I was pregnant with Ray, when I thought I was obsessed with bows. Let me tell you, having another little girl to dress in bows has made the obsession even greater! Check out my Bows part one here.

Okay, so I’m going to try to focus mainly on new shops that I have started following a little more closely, and my favorites without repeating myself too much. My other post really breaks down the categories to fulfill, this is what you fill them with! p.s. if you want to see the bows on my girls, head to my Instagram!

Click over to Instagram for all the links! click over to my Instagram to find all the shops! p.s. can you spot the new Klos + Co bow?

Subscriptions: Having a bow subscription makes your hectic mom life a little bit easier. When you have a subscription you’ll typically be ready for any upcoming holiday. You won’t have to do research and pick the best bow, and you don’t have to worry about it, they show up at your door without fail!

Little Poppy Co

My “LPC” subscription is still going strong. I only get one a month (opposed to doubling up with two girls). To make sure each girl is getting seasonal bows I do a couple of things. LPC does their three monthly bows (what you pay for) and they also release “add ons” in their exclusive shop. The add ons are limited edition, only available to subscribers, and ship free with your monthly bows. They range from about $8 – $12, and they are always gorgeous! So, what I’ve been doing, is keeping the subscription on clips for Denver, then, if and when there are add ons I love, I get those for Ray on a nylon headband. The other thing I have is this clip converter so Ray can wear all of Denver’s clips! You can get your own converters HERE!

For the price and the quality, I really love these bows. They have upped their game and the three bows have been all sewn fabric bows (sometimes they are felt or leather), and they are always fresh and different. LPC is a great base for a collection, and something perfect for first time bow buyers. If you want to sign up click HERE.

Ellia May Designs

I own a couple of her patterned bows I bought for Denver a while back. She has recently released a pinwheel style bow and her spring line was AMAZING! She offers gorgeous subscriptions as well.

Zozu Baby

Okay, I haven’t gotten a ZoZu yet, but they are gorgeous and her subscriptions are perfection as well. Added bonus, she does knee high socks with bows. Enough said.

Hadley Girl

These bows are fabulous (lots of Rifle Paper Co!). Her subscription is a little on the higher side but the bows are extra special.

A lot of bow shops are doing the monthly subscription option these days, or bow boxes, if you are just starting out and the price is right I would definitely take part in one!

Here are some of my favorite shops right now

Maisie loves Nory

This shop is SO unique. They turn vintage fabrics and handkerchiefs into BOWS, and they’re fabulous. I really love how unique and one of a kind these are.


This shop is something I’ve never seen before, she HAND PAINTS her bows. I first found her when I came across her yellow pencil bow, it is absolutely perfect for back to school or your daughter who loves to draw! It’s on my list for D when she starts school!

Indy and Pippa

Formally known as Pippa and Indy, this shop was on my list list last time and I got the fall bow I wished for! Let me tell you her bows are something else. The raw silks and velvets are too die for, I’ve had my eye on a palm bow in her spring collection! Added bonus, she makes adorable newborn headbands, simple clips party dresses AND crowns! Shes so talented and has become a one stop shop for magical little girls.

Wunderkin co.

Oh Wunderkin. The mother of all bow shops. The ‘OMG your daughter is wearing Wunderkin’ feeling. When you score one of her bows, if you’re lucky enough, you’re LUCKY enough. These bows sell out in seconds and when you see them you know why. The shop owner Hillary, chooses the most elite to collaborate with like Jessica Garvin or Rylee & Cru. And chooses fabrics from Liberty of London and Rifle Paper Co. Seriously to die for. She recently released a basics collection that will hopefully stay in the shop all the time, anything from Wunderkin is special and everyone knows it. Her pinwheel style has become a favorite. I splurge on a Wunderkin bow for special occasions and must haves. My Denver’s oversized pink Velvet is still one of my favorites and I’m anticipating her Liberty of London Spring Release for Denver’s Easter basket.

Fancy Free Finery

FFF was another lust list, and it has quickly moved over to an obsession. These are handmade felt flowers, mixed with metallic accents, they are beautiful and special. I got the girls a matching set for my sister in laws wedding and just LOVED the way they look, especially on Ray. I’ve slowly started collecting them. Taking advantage of after holiday sales and filling the girls a Easter baskets with spring inspired flowers. I just think it’s so sweet, tiny babes with flowers in their hair. Katie, the maker, has even inspired Ray’s first birthday party (details soon come!) and I can’t wait to order more special pieces.

Ryan and Wren

Ahh, they queen of clips. Denver got her first set of clips when she became a big sister, and another set in her stocking. It’s one of those shops where you can easily collect every color and you secretly want to wear them yourself. She did 5 special velvet colors around the holidays that I’m still in love with! They look so rich and beautiful. I keep all her clips in a jar in the nursery and every time Denver gets dressed she asks for a “bow” and she means a clip from the Ryan and Wren jar. It’s so sweet, and fulfilling my girl mom dreams. Check out this shop around the holidays like Valentines, Easter and St. Patrick’s day, she has little cards made for each holiday so each clip becomes the cutest gift for any little girl. These are really fun to wear together or hold back bangs when your little has pigtail bows in!

Poppy Mayflower

This is a new shop I discovered when I was in search of a specific custom bow to match one of Ray’s dolls. I was impressed immediately with the amazing customer service I received from Kim, the shops owner. I felt she went out of her way to create the perfect bow. When it arrived I was more than impressed, from the packaging to the quality of the fabric, the bow was everything I wanted it to be. I love this shop because every bow you order feels custom. You have so much say in the size and shape of the bow so it’s perfect for your little one!

Here are a couple of shops that I have not ordered from but I have an eye on!

Rose and Resilience, more fun fabrics, hand dying, and sweet stamp details! Rolly Polly, celebration bows, Mikey ears and crowns– enough said! Cute Bird Kids, Willow Crowns and Sophie and Co are on my short list of must haves! So check them out when you can.

And of course, because I have fallen in love with bows I started creating them my self. I’m dabbling in fabric bows, ribbons and bow accessories. My bow bag has become a favorite, so while you’re on the bow search check out Klos & Co the shop!

One last thing, party hats.

Little Blue Olive is where I get the girls party hats. I get them for birthdays and 1/2 birthdays of course! These hats really make any party outfit super special, I absolutely love them!

Miss Ray on her 1/2 birthday

Miss Ray on her 1/2 birthday February, 10th 2018

Every bow is special and as the girls grow they each have a story, I hope this helps discover some new shops! Happy shopping!


The seriously bow obsessed mama, Kelsey

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