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I’m a serious wanna be lettering queen, I do it here and there on my iPad and I love the way it looks when it turns out well. I closely follow Chalk full of Love on Instagram and she’s an expert. She does awesome quotes and makes them into the cutest holiday mugs and sweatshirts! Well, she presented a challenge on instagram for all of us Gilmore Girls lovers (I’m seriously obsessed these days) to letter a list of quotes through out the month of February. I decided to take on the challenge… here’s what I came up with!

Day one: “Oy with the poodles already”

Day two: “Life’s too short, talk fast” p.s. wrote is before I had coffee, excuse the mistake πŸ™ˆ

Day three: Copper Boom

Day four: “I love you, you idiot.”

Day five: “What She Tackles she conquers”

Day six: “where you lead I will follow” (I had my little follower help me on this one!)

Day seven: “Nothing says coffee like six in the morning”

Day 8: “I Smell Snow”

Day 9: “in omina paratus”

Day 10: “first I drink the coffee then I do the things” blaming my distracting children in the mistakes in this one πŸ˜‚

I had SO much fun with this challenge, it really made me better at lettering. I loved having a new creative outlet and forcing myself to sit down and draw (while watching Gilmore Girls, of course.)



3 responses to “Lettering challenge”

  1. I seriously love ALL of these! You need to sell prints or something! You didn’t need a lettering challenge, your lettering is already stunning. Seriously so jealous of your iPad Pro – but my lettering is NOT this pretty πŸ˜‰

    • You’re so sweet! It really made me better and I loved having the challenge every other day! The I pad pro is everything! Not comparable to HPU though!

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