St Patrick’s Day Recipes

In my opinion, St Patrick’s Day is a drinking holiday… but since I’m a Mom now, I’m trying to make it more kid friendly and fun! So, on my first trip to the grocery store for the month of March, I always pick up a box (or two) of lucky charms. I love to have them on deck to add a festive touch to our weekend breakfasts or special holiday treats! I compiled together some festive recipes your babes can enjoy while you drink green beer!

Four Leaf Clover Cinnamon Rolls

Just good old Pillsbury cinnamon rolls placed in the shape of a clover. Baked and iced with green sprinkles and a few lucky marshmallows.

cupcake stand & placemat from the Hearth & Hand at Target!

Leprechaun Pancakes

I made these last year and they are so easy and cute. I use the Bisquck mix where you just add water. I separate the batter into three bowls and dye them each a different shade of green. I use the classic green and neon green food coloring so they are extra vibrant. To make them all about the same size I use an ice cream scoop! Stack them high, add cool whip and lucky charms… the perfect toddler breakfast!

Cake stand is from Anthropologie

Pot of Gold Popcorn

1 bag of half naked popcorn + 1 box of lucky charms = the perfect sweet and salty snack

Served in these awesome copper mugs from Absolut Elix

Shamrock Shakes

An attempt to recreate McDonalds famous Shamrock shake with a twist. The copycat recipe calls for vanilla ice cream, vanilla and peppermint extract. I did it a little different, skipped the extract and added thin mints instead.. why not! I added milk to blend along with food coloring, of course.

I used 4 drops of neon green and 2 drops of regular green to achieve the perfect minty color. Crush thin mints to rim the glass and garnish with a whole cookie. Finish with cool whip and a cherry! I used Italian cherries that have a more robust flavor! Serve and enjoy. P.s. add couple dollops in your morning coffee, you won’t be sorry.

Magic Marshmallow Treats

Basically rice crispy treats with lucky charms!

You’ll need:

10oz of mini marshmallows

6 cups of lucky charms

1/4 c butter (1/2 a stick)

Extra lucky harm marshmallows to garnish


Melt your butter in a sauce pan (large)

I sprayed the sauce pan with pan first, this gets sticky!

Add marshmallows until completely melted.

Remove from heat and add cereal 2 cups at a time, until completely coated.

With a pam coated spatula put into baking pan. I used a square to make the treats thick.

Flatten out and add extra lucky marshmallows for garnish.

Let cool and cut into squares!

(Helpful tip: PAM EVERYTHING)

Clover Cookies

AKA green snicker doodles. I got pre mixed sugar cookies, rolled them in green sugar sprinkles and cinnamon. Bake as directed, topped with cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles. Thank you Suga Mama’s Bakery for the amazing shamrock sprinkles!

I hope these help you prep for Saturday! These have all been a huge hit at my house! ENJOY! ☘️

Xo, Kelsey

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