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It’s no surprise as a mama of a little girl, and another girl on the way, (yup, still pregnant), my obsession of bows and hair accessories is REAL. I love that they are something I can buy the girls that they will not grow out of. They can always share, and look So. Darn. Cute. Since Denver was a surprise I wasn’t prepared at all with anything girlie, as soon as she was born my mom went out and bought her an enormous white bow, which I love! Once we were home I started my research of all the bow companies out there, and boy there are A LOT. I really liked the look of the bows with a nude nylon headband. The headband is made from nylon pantyhose, yup, pantyhose (at least they’re good for something these days), so they are one size fits all and SUPER stretchy, plus it lets the bow shine on its own.

I quickly became overwhelmed with the selection out there and seriously wanted all of them. My first bow purchase was from Hadley Girl, a floral bow and a pink pompom, (obviously). I wanted Denver to start with a few pieces I thought would go with a lot and that were unique, which Hadley Girl definitely achieved.

Little Poppy Co. bows / Ryan & Wren Clip

Then I found Little Poppy Co. and I’m still in love with this company. LPC is a bow subscription, you get three bows each month that relate to the month and season they are released, for a great price I might add. I really appreciate what they do, because they have so many different styles, as you continue to get them, all your bows look different. They have fun prints like floral, or palm print, and the materials are fantastic- fabric, leather, felt, they have it all. Each month they also have the ‘add on’ option where they release a small batch of unique bows you can order and add to your monthly bows. It was so nice that on the first of the month, July for example, I got 3 bows she would wear all month, and come the 4th of July I was prepared with red white & blue. They have two options for your subscription, to receive the bow on the nylon headband or as a clip. I stared D with headbands (she was 5 months old when we started with LPC) and easily switched to clips when she was a year old and her hair had gotten long enough. I made this clip converter so that ANY bow we get that comes on a clip, I can make a headband and baby girl can wear them too.

Klos & Co bow bag / Little Poppy Co. bow

So as I pack for the hospital I am bringing all my favorite bows for baby girl to wear immediately. I created this linen bow bag to hold all her little bows and keep them protected. These bows are so delicate and beautiful the last thing you want is them at the bottom of your diaper bag with cheerios and buttpaste. Denver is pretty good about keeping her bows in her hair unless she’s in her car seat, or somewhere she can’t be distracted. Because, losing a bow is the worst thing ever, having a safe place for them is essential.

There are so many different bows and different shops, I wanted to tell you about my favorite shops, shops I wish I owned from, and the selection of bows I think every little girl needs.

Favorite Shops

Little Poppy Co. – you know that already, my collection is mainly made up of their bows, and I always end up going to them.

Wunderkin Co. (formally Free Babes)- I love this shop SO much. If I could own all her bows, I would. I buy these bows when there are special collaborations, or for specific holidays or events (that is if you can beat the crowd, her bows sell out in seconds). I am totally lusting over her new pinwheel style and I’m dying to get one. Added bonus, her shop is out of Denver, Colorado and we have a mutual friend, so I love to support her in any way I can!

Emmy’s Pretties – Denver was a brand ambassador for this company for a little while and she got a ton of great bows, fun solids and awesome prints that became go tos. Added bonus, she does free shipping, all the time!

Ellia May Designs – The two bows I have from here are printed with flamingos and pineapples, and she does not stop there. The prints are so much fun, her different style options lets you choose what you like best on your babe. She has also started a subscription so you can get them every month.

Mag & Mae Co. – These bows are SO unique. The way her ‘Mae’ bow is tied has the tails going in opposite directions, which I had never seen before. I love when she does this style in two colors, it has so much dimension and looks amazing. I’m also lusting after her ‘Emmie’ which is hand tied, and you can tell. It looks so effortless and special. The blush & cream are must haves.

A lot of bow shops I love have stayed on my lust list, because let’s be serious, I can’t buy ALL the bows. Fancy Free Finery does gorgeous felt flowers. From a single flower to a full flower crown, in gorgeous colors and metallics. Thinking I’m gonna need a matching set for the girls when my sister in law gets married this fall, they have special occasion written all over them! Zozu Baby is so much fun and I love her pigtail sets. Miss Rubylocks is a little out there which makes her unique. She does amazing sets and literally has every pattern under the sun. I’m also so excited to shop from Pippa & Indy, her bows are GORGEOUS and the materials she uses, like silk and velvet are so luxurious. I’ve seen a few fall previews, and I’m dying for them to come out & collect! I also love Willow Crowns, she makes bows, of course, but her detailed crowns are amazing- wish list item for sure!

Collection must haves 

Little Poppy Co.

Newborn – Little Poppy Co. has the sweetest newborn collection for your babe fresh out of the oven. I really love this coral, velvet bow. I think it’s so sweet and will be perfect on a brand new babe. You also have to have something a little oversized during that newborn stage. The Poppy bow from LPC has the sweet handtied look, and I love the Watermelon Poppy with the pink and white stripes is the perfect amount of girlie.

Little Poppy Co.

Classics – White and pink are the best ones to have in your classic collection. They will go with everything and are perfect for special occasions, because they’ll never go out of style. I photographed Denver in the white ballet bow and my wedding dress and the photos turned out beautiful – can’t wait to give them to her on her wedding day. I also love the brown leather, a great fall essential. Most of these bows will be coming to the hospital for baby girl! (All pictured are LPC).

Rifle Paper x Emmy’s Pretties / Hadley Girl x Liberty of London / Spooky bow, Broncos bow, JLGarvin x Freebabes are all Wunderkin Co.

Collaborations & Special occasions– These are the most fun in my opinion, I love my Denver Broncos and Halloween bow from Wunderkin they make those holidays and football games extra fun! The oversized pink velvet bow was a Jessica Garvin (who I love) and Wunderkin collaboration. If Jessica Garvin puts her hands on it, it’s a have to have in my book. This one came out around Valentine’s Day and I still LOVE it. Other collaborations that are always popular are Rifle Paper Co, Paper Raven and Liberty of London – they always have such dreamy florals.

Klos & Co beach ball clip /Ryan & Wren leather clips / vintage clip

Clips– I’ve recently gotten into clips for Denver. She will get her first set of Ryan & Wren as her big sister gift, and I have to say I’m going back for EVERY COLOR. You can order them in sets of 5 and get a discount, they are made of leather and are too cute for words. I love the golds, glitters and metallics – they match everything and fall into our classic must haves. Of course, I have to toot my own horn a bit, I started making bows and clips for D using pompoms and lots of fun things, check out my goodies in my etsy shop Klos & Co.

Beck & Belle felt starfish

Sister sets– Having another little girl means all the matching outfits and bows! The only set I have so far is from Beck & Belle. Little Mermaid starfish, can’t wait to put these on my island babes. She also does the cutest holiday things like her glitter antlers at Christmas time and the kitty cat ears at Halloween!

There are so many amazing small shops and mama makers, I know I’m just skimming the top, but if you need a place to start on your collection I hope this helped! Don’t forget you need a gorgeous way to store these beautiful bows, here is my custom bow holder that hangs in the girls room showing off their beautiful collection!

XO, Kelsey

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