Lusting for Linen 

Every anniversary Danny and I follow the classic gifting rules, it’s really fun to have specific guidelines and challenge ourselves. (Here’s an example of the list I have to pull from Pinterest every year).

We love to surprise each other, and always attempt to top one another. We decided to stick to the traditional side, but maybe around year 10 we’ll go modern 😉. Over the years we’ve come up with some pretty amazing gifts, this year is year four and we chose linen. 

I was determined to NOT get him a linen shirt, that was too obvious to me. So, I reached out to Whitney at Madly Wish, she makes GORGEOUS linen items for little ones! I talk about her stuff here and here because I’m in love with the blush boppy cover I got for miss Ray. I requested four linen handkerchiefs for Danny. His grandfather always carried them and became something special he kept, I even had the honor of carrying one on our wedding day, (it was my something blue). We had seen a quote somewhere, “a gentleman carries a handkerchief, not for himself, but in case a lady needs one.” So I knew he would love it. 

I chose to do four, one for each year of marriage with two pink ones, for each daughter (I thought they could be given to them on their wedding day). I also did the earth and navy, and had her finish them with the amazing scallop embroidery. 

He absolutely loved them! I got spoiled with GORGEOUS birds of paradise and pink pineapples (fruit & flowers also count at 4 years… he’s so good!). 

We’re still missing our yearly saber of champagne but don’t worry, we’ll get around to it! Go check out all the amazing products at Madly Wish, she has some pretty exciting collaborations and holiday goodies in the works! 



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