When ‘Thank You’ isn’t Enough 

It’s been almost two months since we survived hurricane Irma, causing us to lose valuables and the girls and I to evacuate our island. Since then, we have been bouncing around from city to city, with no routine and an unsure future. The silver lining- we get to visit tons of family and lots of people get to meet the new baby.

As soon as we reached the states the outpouring of love and support has been over whelming. My cousin Jill collected every piece of baby gear we could have needed to make our time in the states easy and comfortable. Along with clothes, shoes and endless diapers. That’s just the beginning, all of our friends and family have come together to support us. From putting us up for weeks at a time, to holding screaming babies – we haven’t had to ask for anything. 



I’ve even had some amazing companies and small shops reach out to me and send sweet things to the girls and replace some things I lost. I have sent personal thank you notes to everyone, but I wanted to share here. Thank you to everyone who did a little something for us, even just checking in and making sure we were okay. We are so grateful to each one of you and we hope someday we can return the favor!


The girls received a stunning custom unicorn from Celine Dolls.

The bonnet featured is from Madly Wish (along with the girls sweet matching outfits).

Start Planner and Pippa & Indy replaced items that were lost, no questions asked.

Thank you all again and a special shoutout to my cousin Cassidy Klos of Klos Photography who captured these photos while we were visiting Colorado.

Xoxo, Kelsey 

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