Friday Favorites {Blushing Babe}

I’ve always been a girly girl, I grew up loving pink (my college dorm room looked like a pepto-Bismol explosion), and when we found out baby number two was a girl, the love came rushing back. This time around, I jumped on the millennial pink train and I’ve become obsessed. I’ve always loved wearing the color and I’ve been painting my nails blush pink for as long as I can remember –  but shopping blush for babe is SO much fun! There are so many options out there but some of my favorite items are perfect for Denver. It has been the color of the year (according to me, and Pantone in 2016) but I have a feeling it will boom this fall. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite blush items for the babes in you life, and don’t worry mamas, I didn’t leave you out either.


For the little girls

I mentioned how much I’m in LOVE with my Fawn Design blush diaper bag in this post and this post, but I’m totally swooning over the blush mini! You heard me right, Fawn Design has the sweetest mini bag for the little girl in your life. Because, lets face it, if I can twin with my girls, I will! I think Denver would love this bag and feel like a mama too, and I’m sure I would steal it from time to time, when I don’t need all the space in my full sized diaper bag. I also mentioned my love for Fancy Free Finery in this post, and her blush floral collection does not disappoint. The colors are so dreamy, and I love her new daisy style. Also if you’re on blush overload, her black and white anemone flower compliments the blush PERFECTLY!

Even though it’s only August, feelings of fall are right around the corner- our big event this fall is my Sister In Law, Ali’s wedding at the end of October. She’s getting married in Denver, Colorado, so we will all get our fall weather fix. We are lucky enough to stand up with her as she ties the knot, and Denver is the flower girl! It was music to my ears when Ali told me she wanted Denver to wear a blush dress, and for baby girl (who will only be 2 months old), to wear something similar. So I have been on the hunt for months for the perfect outfits for the girls. No luck yet, but I’m sure I will find the perfect dress soon, as most companies are releasing their fall collections in the next few weeks. I have been lusting over the Remi Girl dress pictured for a while, all it needs is sleeves! I’m praying she has a restock for the fall, or something similar. Remi Girl has the best dresses, the skirts have plenty of fabric for the perfect twirl and the ruffles are so sweet. I also love the Lulu and Roo cross back button dresses – plus the girls could match because they offer all sizes. Then I found Pleiades Handmade, her dresses are hand dyed and are too beautiful for words. I have to be careful though, Denver’s dress is gonna be more expensive than mine #girlmomproblems.

Last but not least every girl needs a blush bow, or five. I love this Willow Crowns bow (pictured) the knotted center is so unique and sweet. Modern Piggy dropped her fall collection the other night and this hand tied blush bow dropped with it (also pictured)! Lust list for sure. And of course, Little Poppy Co. had an amazing blush linen bow in their August pack and it is not only in my classic collection but it’s packed for the hospital for one of the girls to wear!

A few extras for the babes

Still obsessed with the blush boppy cover from Madly Wish, but keep in mind they do blankets and crib sheets too, so your love of blush linen never has to end! I love the swaddles from Little Unicorn (pictured) and Copper Pearl. The patterns and the saturated colors are so much fun to add to your on going collection. A fun little addition are these bibs from Simply Bibs. I love the blush sparkle – let’s face it, there’s nothing much cuter than a babe with a messy face, so you need that cute bib to make ALL the photos you’ll take even cuter. I love that you can wipe these clean, they have a simple snap in the back and they sparkle!


For Mama

Don’t worry mamas, I couldn’t exclude you in this one. Basically, blush in my world also translates as rose gold, well hell, let’s just call the color rosè! Like I said I ALWAYS have my nails a soft blush color, it goes with everything and I love the way it looks. I like this one from Essie and this one from Revlon. Of course, I’m still sporting my blush Fawn Design (who knows when I won’t), but every great bag needs a few accessories. I recently discovered this Etsy shop and she makes the cutest clutches. I love this rose gold one (pictured) but I also love this palm print and gold clutch. I love the way palm print compliments this color. Cannot wait to shop Baby Mama Sew Shop. I’m also OBSESSED with this charm from Anthropologie (pictured), the color and content is spot on.

Something I use EVERYDAY is my Start Planner, and they recently debuted one in blush! Even though I am always on my phone and am an avid technology user, I still have to write everything down to keep myself organized. Plus, the added bonus of the accomplishment I feel when I can write something down and cross it off (and yes, I sometimes do this if the task has already been completed, oops). If you’re in the market for a planner that will last forever, this is the one. There’s even a place to track your daily water intake and what you’re making for dinner, great for the mom, small business owner or everyday life.

And one more necessity in a girls world (especially a mom) – a cocktail. So let’s drink the good stuff and make it look good too. Lusting over this Packed Party rose gold disco drink, I want every color and I want to drink my morning coffee out of it!

So, this weekend I’ll be painting my nails and packing my Fawn, patiently waiting to drink some rosè (less than a week people)!

xoxo, Kelsey

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