I wrote a BOOK.

Meet The Art of the Flatlay, a coffee table table book featuring my collection of flatlay photography. I started taking flatlay photos in 2016 and fell in love with curating items to showcase in a beautiful way. Capturing tiny details of events or parties was pure magic and I could not get enough. At the beginning of the year I put this on my list of what I wanted to do in the new year and began writing in February (during the Super Bowl I might add). As I started categorizing my photos and laying them out, I knew I had something special.

I commissioned one of my favorite artists, Nysha Lilly to do illustrations throughout the book, and just kept going. Not a spare second went by without me working on it. I had filled over 300 pages and was waiting on the illustrations when I thought I needed another book. Then, The Guide was born. A sister digital book with all text and heavy on the HOW TO side of a flatlay- this was built for those who really wanted to learn for themselves and create on their own.

Simultaneously, I was editing (as was my mom and aunt), formatting and making all the moves to make this come to life. I planned and curated items for a special PR box to go out to some of my favorite small shops and hand picked influencers.

I decided to self publish with Ingram Sparks and was learning the process as I went. I did everything to creating custom packaging to design the cover to PR, etc. This is my baby and I am so excited to finally bring her to life. About 2 weeks after we moved into the new house I got my first proof, (I had submitted it in California). Seeing it in real life was UNREAL. It is so big, beautiful and just what I imagined. There are 341 pages, over 150 featured small shops and endless inspiration. So, here we are, she is ready to take on the world, if you would like a copy signed by me you can order HERE. You can also fine The Art of the Flatlay on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and will soon be in Pink Antlers + Cami Monet.

I am so thrilled to have this accomplishment in my hands and cannot wait to see what happens next! Thank you for endless support weather you have contributed, liked or shared anything it means the world to me!

Now, GO BUY MY BOOK! I love you all.


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