Office Makeover

It’s been a minute, we moved to South Carolina about a month ago and have been unpacking our butts off. I wanted to finish my office first so I could easily get back to work. Working from home and styling photos for a living is EXTRA hard when everything is in boxes. I took a front room in our home that had the best lighting for pictures. I knew I needed a few things like a desk and some storage but I new I WANTED some new Felt Right tile to hang some of my beautiful things.

After working from my kitchen table since I can remember and storing party items in every place in my home (ie: coat closets, the laundry room and the garage) I was so excited to have a space. When we were hunting for a house here in SC an extra room for an office was at the top of the list. I worked with Felt Right last year on Denver’s birthday. Remember that amazing ceiling install above the fireplace to create an epic swan collage? I knew I wanted them again in my office to display art and tiny trinkets that I love.

I ordered 6 large etched tiles (Zinc) in white to go right above my desk. Although they have every color under the sun, I knew the white would make all my colorful belongings pop. I loved the new etched items in their shop because it elevates the felt tiles even more and gives them detail I didn’t know they needed. They took about 5 min to install with the provided adhesive stickers and I started decorating right away.

These tiles are amazing because not only can I use push pins like an average cork board but they also absorb sound in your space. I hung some photos, artwork of my favorite arts and kids, ornaments, buttons and garlands to make a colorful competition of chaos. It brings me so much joy and the Felt Right tiles behind it make it feel purposeful.

On the main wall in the office Danny hung my gallery of party frames. Below I have what I call my baby hutch holding acrylics, chalk tags, and some every day supplies. Almost every corner has a basket filled with backdrops or discos! Find all my organization items here.

I grabbed two Ikea book cases to hold ALL the things, literally. On the top I displayed all the beautiful items I either love to look at or use on a daily basis like my Lauren Glass Confetti and velvet ribbon. Below, where the doors are solid I tucked aways all my party plates, napkins and more. We installed acrylic shelves to house all my confetti and have a special place under the window where the flatlay table can be!

It is such a dream to have my own space and already love working here. Big thank you to Felt Right for putting the right touch in this colorful office.

Other things I love in my office: My disco ball diffuser, Heart Hands, Colorful Wreath, Confetti Rug, Pretty Coffee Table books, Phone holder for filming flatlays,



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