Party Ornaments

Preserving parties is something I pride myself in. So much love, work and magic goes into all the girls parties, I cannot let it all go away when the party is over.

You’ve seen my Party Frames to document the invitation, Party Chatbooks to house all the photos, but what about the confetti? I created these party ornaments to get our every Christmas to remember each party.

It’s the easiest DIY and cost friendly, plus I love that you can back track lots of celebrations if you need to. I simply fill clear plastic ornaments with confetti that I used at their party, or confetti that matches the theme.

I get all of my confetti from Shop Studio Pep and Lauren Glass, I then add something to write on to document the age they tuned and the year. For this I have used confetti charms, match books, or parts of their invitation.

I finish them with a coordinated ribbon and they look SO cute on the tree and they girls love getting them out each year!

This year I hung them all together on my new PARTY TREE! I grabbed this incredible 6ft skinny tree and they look SO good together! Stay tuned for the reveal.



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