We’re Moving {Goodbye, California}

It’s been a little less than 30 days since we found out we were moving to Charleston, SC. At the end of August Danny got a job transfer within his company, our move from STX to CA was more of a move that took us to the states and less about where we ended. We never thought of California as our end game but we were excited to explore and see what come of it. Danny and I met in Wilmington, NC and have FOREVER talked about settling in Charleston. So when the opportunity presented itself, we took it.

As all of our moves do, it happened quick, fast and in a hurry. As soon as the papers were signed we started packing. We made our first big dent on Labor Day weekend and never stopped. The house got more and more chaotic as the weeks went by. We decided to move with PODS and load up one big pod to send across country, but that meant fitting our lives into an 8×13 box. Let me tell you something, my husband is a Pod packing MASTER. I can’t believe how much STUFF this man fit in there. We purged, sold and trashed SO much stuff that was long over due, and fit in everything we had to have and loved.

It has been NON stop packing up, planning the move and coordinating every little thing, I haven’t had five minutes to process that we are saying goodbye to California.

When we left the Virgin Islands, I remember being SO scared that was a big fish in a small pond. That my edge was the fact I lived on and island and if I left, what I was doing would go unrecognized. Arriving to California, the biggest pond, the people here made it know I was just a big fish, not matter where I was. Marissa and I started House of Fete after just four months of me being here. My creativity and confidence grew leaps and bounds. The opportunities, the clients, the constant creative energy is unmatched. All of the amazing creators and vendors I was able to work with in such a short time is unbelievable. And don’t worry, we are just getting started. Do you remember when House Of Fete went to Charleston last November? We fell in love with the area as a company and House Of Fete is officially bicoastal and servicing the East Coast.

The amount of memories and magic we made here is unmatched. We spent SO much quality time with our west coast family and look forward to doing the same with the east coasters.

What an adventure, what a time.

See you in Charleston!



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