Flatlay Photography

Flatlay photography has become my speciality! You can hire me to style flats for your brand or take a class with me! You can also buy The Art of The Flatlay HERE and pair it with The Guide to learn everything you need to know. Here’s a preview of my work.

before you come to class…

Once you sign up, I highly suggest grabbing THE GUIDE and printing it out for class, it’s a great reference and has the shopping lists for everything you might need!

Also, take a look at THIS post for best practices in class

What you’ll need!

+ white poster board, I use this pack of 10 from staples

+ good lighting. I use my back doors as my main source of natural light

+ Items to photograph- think of a theme or something you want to shoot and collect all the things! If you are signed up for a class I can help you choose! 

+ Something to Hold your phone- this is very important so I can see what you are styling! I use this one from amazon.

Added Bonus items:

+ THIS LIST are great essentials


Great things to have on hand depending on the theme



+main focal point item


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