Kiss Table

In light of always trying to push the envelope, I’m over here trying to make plates that don’t exist! The acrylic round is obviously my favorite tool when setting a table! I decided to run with the iconic Hershey Kiss in saturated pinks and purples!

I cut the shape of a Hershey’s Kiss out of a silver plate and layered on a round plate. I created and printed a KISS banner to turn it into the iconic Hershey Kiss.

Download and print with the link below!

I topped the plates with festive cookies and chocolates. Next to the plate I used these incredible Madly Wish linen napkins, and layered over checkered napkins in pink and purple. The pearl and Jane garland was my color inspiration, so I layered that with glitter hearts as my runner. I filled heart coups with kisses and added other sweet details!

It’s all about layers, textures and details!

So excited for Love season!



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