Ringing in 2023

We typically don’t do much for New Years Eve, our traditions have become champagne, Chicken Chipotle Pasta and early to bed. Living in California we’ve added Oysters to the mix so it’s really the best day! I came up with a few extra things to make the New Year special at home

  1. The Uniform: festive jammies for the girls. These Disco Ball PJs are EVERYTHING! I love the color! I added a ribbon and tag to make them extra festive.

2. Snacks and Champagne. First of all, these cocktail napkins from Madly Wish are EVERYTHING to add some festive details to your cocktail. Ill be using this Disco Ball ice mold I got for Christmas- and serving a Clock shaped candy board for dessert.

3. Countdown to Midnight: I used my Advent Calendar and printable from Thread Mama to create an hourly countdown for the girls. I didn’t buy anything extra, just filled them with confetti, nail polish, Hershey kisses and little things to get them to midnight!

4. Add Disco Balls: Taking down the Christmas Mantle is always sad, so I added all the festive discos, tinsel and pops of hot pink to celebrate and give our home a sparkly feel!

Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and ring in the new year in style! Cannot wait to do 2023 with you!


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