Valentine Wrapping

I am holding on tight to the magic of Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to wrap some Valentine’s Day inspired presents! Now most of my boxes might be empty, but I am living for the festive prints and curated toppers!

Stripes Joy Creative Shop | Cherries and Phones Bonjour Fete |

Florals, dots, compacts and bow Red Cap Cards

The heart print below is a table runner from Cami Monet and the bold stripes are from Kailo Chic.

I used all of the ribbons I had from Christmas time but sourced some special tags and toppers. As always my Chalk Designs by Me tags, I got some Valentine themed ones that read Ooh La La and Pucker up! I found beaded lips from Craftspring and the felt heart from Peach and Goldie. And my other favorite the wire cherries from Stitch and Steele and a straw from Ellie and Piper.

I collaborated with Lauren Glass designs to create Chocolate Tags and they could not be cuter!

I love how it turned out so much! I loved styling the the gold balloon letters and the box of chocolate candles.



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