Back to School with Fancy Sprinkles

I have been a long time fan of Fancy Sprinkles, so I was thrilled when they sent over their back to school collection. The color combos, glitz and even the clever names like Prom Kween and Spelling bee had me!


I made a super fun after school school snack with the popsicle molds and Easy melting chocolate! I filled the mold with greek yogurt and granola and of course topped them with sprinkles and prism powder. I felt so FANCY, no pun intended and my kids were super impressed too!


I also used the back to school goodies to create the most magical packed lunch! Do you remember Fairy Bread? Just bread, butter and sprinkles! the Fancy Sprinkle jimmies and their new rainbow stickers took fairly bread to the next level. I also packed some raspberries and popcorn, garnishing both with silver and gold prism powder. I can tell you one thing, I will never eat anything without a dash of glitter.

Make sure you grab something (or everything ) from this collection, you and your kids will enjoy them all year! Use code KELSEYKLOS for 15% off shop HERE.

XO, Kelsey

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