Girls Room {Mini Makeover}

It was way past due for the big girls to get a dresser. We were keeping all of their clothes in bins inside their closet and NOTHING was fitting which made getting dresses and laundry even more difficult then it already was!

I finally found something that would work on Facebook market place. We made room for it by putting the girls bunk beds back together- they are the perfect age for them and they loved the change. Danny cleaned the dresser and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. I added a fin touch and paint the sides of the drawers in Rainbow- its the sweetest touch and so easy!



Now that they had a dresser I was so excited to style it! I have wanted to put party hats in their room forever but needed a place where they were not in reach! I picked up more of the acrylic shelves I use for their books and did a row of three along the top of a gallery wall. Under the hats I used what I had at home as well as ordered some tiles from Chatbooks! Yes, they make tiles- they are so well priced, amazing quality and peel and stick so the wall came easy! In the center I had a frame I wasn’t using so I framed some rainbow wrapping paper from Joy Creative Shop and boom- artwork for under $15


I filled the dresser with hair accessories, suitcases and more rainbow Chatbooks. I added rainbow lights over the window and an adorable cloud lamp! I am OBSESSED with how cute it turned out and officially do not hat putting away their laundry. WIN WIN WIN!


XO, Kelsey

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