Birthday Gift Guide

Honestly, we rarely get the girls birthday presents. I typically throw a big party, they get some things from grandparents and thats it. This year, since I’m doing something small, I wanted to get Ray a few fun things I knew she would like.

Here are some ideas I know she’ll love !

gift guide-01.jpg

  1. Wunderkin Sunnies – yes, sunnies! The well known bow shop is now designing and making their own adorable sunglasses. I love the color options and the flower shape! Perfect for my sunglass obsessed little.
  2. Cuddle + Kind – if you don’t know about these amazing dolls yet, you are missing out! We just got our first dolls, and I am saving them for Ray’s Birthday. Not only do they have all the adorable animals and characters, for each doll you purchase, 10 meals go to someone in need. They are handmade with so much love, the girls are going to be obsessed!
  3. Dixie + Bee– I just recently found this small shop and I pretty much want everything she makes. She hand paints every imaginable character and animal you can think of on to wooden peg dolls. Do you remember when I did a very amateur version of our family for the girls for christmas? Well, they were the biggest hit, Ray is seriously obsessed. Mine have gotten lost and look terrible as all the paint has come off. So, I know Ray would love a few of these to kick off what I know will be an on going collection. You guys, this company even has a subscription to peg dolls, how COOL!
  4. Land of Dough– I’ve been getting this all natural play dough for the girls for a while and they are finally really into and actually play with it! The colors and styles Land of Dough is coming out with is just too good for words! I know Ray will love a pint or two!

So, here’s my question to mama’s with multiples. How do you handle it? How do you geek to one child and not the others on an occasion like a birthday. Now that Denver and Ray are into the same stuff, I can see the opening of the presents going south. Any tricks? Comment here to tell me!



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