Inspiration {Ray’s Tea Party}

Ever since Rifle Paper Co came out with Party supplies I’ve wanted to use it for a party! Ray turns two in August and that is just what we are doing, a little “Tea for Two” tea party. Being that we are on a new island, I won’t be doing a BIG party, I tend to do a bigger party every other year for the girls. It will just be us at home, but I think it will be lots of fun!

I knew I wanted to use RPC party stuff, but Alexis from Suga Mama’s Bakery kicked it off when she gifted me a few pieces of their party supplies for my 30th birthday. She sells the entire collection at Suga Mama’s on St. Thomas. Now that I had a few pieces, I needed to establish a color pallet and feel for the party.

I started researching outfits for the girls, for some reason I had a classic tea party in my head, soft pastels, pink and white, very girly. I found some outfits for all the girls that fit that description, but it just didn’t feel right.

I kept pinning inspiration and saving ideas on Instagram. (check out my party board on Pinterest) Does anyone else use Instagram like Pinterest? I have SO many things saved on the gram, it’s such a good point of reference.

I was drawn to a brighter color pallet, more saturated colors and I ran with it! I also have a set of bowls from Anthro that are almost the exact color scheme so it seemed perfect!

Now that I have a color pallet, I finished shopping for my paper products at Ellie and Piper. I got more of the Rifle and mixed in some solids to bring out the colors I wanted to highlight!

Then the outfits. I want the girls to have a color blocked look, first things first, Denver’s Bow! Wunderkin‘s solid summer fable bows were PERFECT. I would buy every solid if I could. I went for the lavender for Denver, being that it’s her current favorite color. Still in search for a dress for her, I’m thinking this Alice and Ames coral dress! For Ray, I found a fun floral dress from Zara and she’ll wear a custom Little Blue Olive party hat of course (stay tuned for a giveaway with Little Blue Olive)! Brennan will wear a colorful onesie and probably a flower in her hair!

For the food, I’m thinking tea sandwiches, cookies and dips and mini bunt cakes. Something simple the girls can have fun with. I want to do some bright drinks and Izzie Sodas they can fill their tiny tea cups and enjoy!

The girls can bring their dollys and we can have a fun little afternoon!

The party planning process is my favorite part, hope this helps show you inside of where the idea starts! Cannot wait to get everything together and show you the end result!

xo, Kelsey



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