Rifle Paper Tea Set DIY

T minus two weeks until Ray is TWO! I seriously can’t believe its almost here. I don’t have much prep to do besides food and beverages, which will happen a few days before, but I wanted to share this fun DIY I did today!

When I chose to do a tea party, I started looking around for a vintage tea set for the girls to use, except I wanted it dirt cheap because I am expecting breakage. I really couldn’t find what I wanted. I stumbled upon an espresso set at my local grocery store. It came with 6 tiny cups and 6 saucers for $9.99, SOLD. Then I bought a white tea pot from Target for $12. The entire set is porcelain, but I’m not attached to it, so if it breaks, oh well. A Tea party has to have a tea set, so the all white will work.

I started brainstorming and had an idea to make the set match the party, it ended up turning out SO cute, so I wanted to share. I took two of the Rifle Paper Co paper napkins, cut out the flowers, added a little mod podge and thats it! I have a Rifle Paper Co. Tea Set!

I did three plates and three mugs as to not go too flower heavy, I want a little breath on a busy table. It turned out so cute so I did the tea pot too! I used the very front graphic on the napkins because that’s the part with the gold foil! I cut as close to the design as possible and just painted right over the napkin onto the porcelain.

I went back right away with a wet paper towel to remove excess mod podge from the porcelain. I also used a dry paper towel to brush the gold parts to make sure they would shine. Let them dry- and DONE! The pack of napkins came with 20 so I knew I could spare a few!



I LOVE how they turned out, cannot wait to show you more when the table is set!

xo, Kelsey


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