June Recap

I’m starting this post on June 9th, because SO much has already happened. We had company come in for Brennan’s birth, so the trips are always jammed packed with activities.

We kicked off the month crashing the Buccaneer pool and drinking smoothies. Denver (kind of) started Ballet… hopefully well make it to a class this month!





The photo obsession of Brennan began, and will never stop!


My sweet Denver “Graduated” AKA it was the last day of school and Summer camp began.



We got to visit the beer drinking pigs, St. Croix’s biggest tourist attraction! Ray was absolutely frightened. We won’t be doing that again any time soon.



The month continued into us trying to find some sort of routine. It’s getting hotter which no one is happy about, but nothing lots of popsicles and watermelon can’t fix!

We had lots of fun firsts with Brennan, and many more to come!


We celebrated Father’s Day sending Danny to the golf course while the girls and I took photos at home- I’ll be sharing those gems for the next month! The girls gifted him an awesome Chatbook to add to the collection.


The girls are constantly wanting to help and hold baby Brennan whether she likes it or not!


Now we’re gearing up for a festive 4th and another month of summer!




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