Top 5 finds (for baby #3)

One week in, and I am quickly learning Brennan’s (and my) favorite things! I talked about a lot of these items on my baby registry post, and ALL of these products that I am trying for the very first time and did not have for Denver and Ray.

Of course, I am using all the usual favorites from my registry, but these new products have made baby number 3 easy (so far). So here are my top FIVE new favorite finds:

Solly Baby Swaddles

I have been using Solly Baby Wraps forever, and they are a must have in my book, especially with multiples. So, I was so excited to try their new swaddles. Here’s why I went for them initially… They are the same soft, stretchy fabric as the wraps, they come in ALL the pretty colors, and you can get 2 for $40 (I’m here for all the deals!). I also DO NOT love muslin swaddles, and I feel like it’s all thats out there right now, these are the soft, buttery alternative I was looking for. I chose the peach and lavender purely to take to the hospital to wrap Brennan and have a classic girly look for pictures. Little did I know, these would do the trick to get her to sleep. Neither Denver or Ray needed to be swaddled, but Brennan loves it, and these are SO easy to use and give her a good tight swaddle. I also love the size, I think these will be her go to blankets for a while. Planning to go back for more!

Snuggle Me Organic

I always had my eye on these and a Dock a Tot, but never pulled the trigger. I honestly went for the Snuggle Me because it was a little bit cheaper, and I bought it on sale. I’ve also heard the Dock is a little hard to clean and I can’t have that! Brennan has LOVED this! She loves to feel surrounded so it’s all she sleeps in, plus it fits perfectly in her basket!

Bibs Pacifiers

Neither Denver or Ray took paci’s so I’m always hesitant to get on the paci train. This time around I bought a couple bibs and a couple Ryan & Rose. The bibs are a PERFECT size for a newborn and she’s taken to them very well! I love all the color options too! I started with tan and blush to match everything but need to go back for more!

Baby Monitor

I found this one (which is actually a security camera) on Amazon, it was a super reasonable price and the actual monitor is your phone, so one less thing to carry around. It’s a descrete camera that records, picks up sound and you can talk into it as well. It has been awesome to watch the babe napping if we’re out on the porch or I am working, our concrete walls make her faint cry hard to hear! Here’s a peek of my view!


Eden and Emerald Pouches

I was obviously excited about the custom pouches from the jump because they are so cute. I used them for big sister gifts and packing my hospital bag. BUT, when I went to pack my diaper bag for the first time with THREE kids, they were a life saver. Each girl had her own things. I filled Brennan’s with newborn diapers, pacifiers, a bonnet, change of clothes and mittens. Ray’s has her larger diapers, snacks and small toys. Denver’s is filled with crayons and toys to keep her occupied. Not only is it easy for me, it makes it easy for anyone to navigate the diaper bag!


p.s. Eden and Emeralds next custom drop is Saturday at 8pm, including some of my handmade tassels that will add a pop of color to your custom!



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