Announcing Our Girl {with Paperless Post}

Designing and sending birth announcements is so much fun for me. With Denver, I actually ordered her announcements while I was in Labor with her and went back to complete the details. For Ray’s Announcement, I took her photos and hand drew them myself. With Brennan, now that I am juggling three girls and really not much time to do all the leg work, I teamed up with Paperless Post to make it easy and beautiful!


I snapped a photo of Brennan next to her Against the Grain name sign (how perfect right?) and my job was done. Now, all I had to do was go to my Paperless Post app, choose a design I loved. They have Rifle Paper Co designs, so it’s no surprise I chose one of those. I got to pick a gorgeous envelope and liner of my choice. You can even pick out a special stamp, font for the envelope and postmark! The recipients are getting the best of the best… and THAT’S IT. Now, I upload my contacts and I’m done!


They will all be sent out electronically, and there’s no fuss for me. No hand addressing, no stamps, no trip to the post office. Everyone gets her cute little dimples in their inbox and I’ve done my part. You can even head to Paper Source to have a hard copy printed if you wanted to send them in the mail. I chose to print out a few at home as keepsakes and to send to grandparents who are a little more old school.

Brennan Garland no weight


Thank you Paperless Post for making this mom thing look so easy!

xo, Kelsey

This post was sponsored by Paperless Post

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