Denver and Ray’s Shared Room

When we moved to St. Croix, we gained another bedroom, we chose to give the extra bedroom to Brennan, that way I don’t disturb the girls during late night feedings. Now that both are out of a crib Denver and Ray share their Ikea bunkbed! Full disclosure, we are still working on getting D comfortable on the top bunk, something I will give my full attention to soon, for now, sleep wins.

Anyways, their room is a girly hodgepodge of pink, glitter and flamingos. I had started collecting things for their room with the idea that all three girls would be sharing, so when I started splitting things up- the girls room took on a little different identity than I was planning but I absolutely love it! It’s on a corner of our house so it gets TONS of natural light which is my favorite part. I keep all the linens simple and white to create a blank canvas. Their curtains and sheets are solid white and I picked up a peach colored rug that blended with the tile on the floor (rug options in the islands SUCK).

Their bunk bed is the Kura bed from Ikea. We got this for Denver before Ray was born- we decided to skip the toddler bed, we felt like the bottom bunk was just as safe and these beds are twins so they’ll last forever. Being that we live in the Virgin Islands I went very simple on their bedding. Plain white (bleachable) sheets and and accent pink pillow cover. I also found a couple toddler quilts on sale from Anthropologie (sold out) that are super cute and add plenty of coverage if they need it! Then there’s the accent pillows, the fun part! On the top bunk Denver has a flamingo patterned pillow from Wayfair (bought 3 years ago) and her BlaBla Kids rainbow pillow. I am obsessed with this rainbow, its practically a stuffed animal its so cuddly. Ray has a long pom pom pillow from White House Co. and the coolest Piñata pillow I found from Urban Outfitters.

Hanging above their bed are a few of my favorite pieces. Of course the super popular flamingo bust from Target, it’s so whimsical and fun. Their newest piece from Against The Grain  really pulls the whole room together. The makers, Adam and Cassandra custom made this Denver and Ray sign and I am absolutely in LOVE! They worked so hard to get the colors and fonts exactly how I wanted and I love how it colorful it is and makes their room, theirs.


As for other art work in the room, I wanted to use all their beautiful things as the decor. I  have two clear bookshelves to show off their books and festive Pearl and Jane garlands. I also framed some of their birthday and half birthday photos and pressed my Studio Pep confetti within the frame to add even more whimsy. One of their Bannor Toys magic wands is rested on top of the frame. In this corner I also have their Hearth and Hand doll house and basket of all their stuffed animals and Candy Kirby Dollys.


In the other corner of their room we added a pink and white canopy over a white fluffy rug and created a little reading nook. A few pillows and dolls live in there as well. Next to the nook I have two baskets that hold more books and a shelf for their diffuser, clips and special Chatbooks. I also have a couple baskets on the floor filled with blankets and more books. All the baskets are of course, labeled with a Chalk Designs by Me tag. Having a place for everything makes clean up and organization easy. All the baskets are Opalhouse from Target. I hung a Pearl and Jane star garland behind the canopy and it really brings a little sparkle to the corner.


Our house came with a lot of random light fixtures (sconces that really belong outside) so, the one in their room has a christmas tree topper attached. I got this topper from Target at Christmas time and we just could’t pack it away. It projects moving stars on to the ceiling and it is pure magic! The girls are obsessed. Under the light added bow hooks for all their tutus and a sweet print my mom gifted to the girls!

The last wall is their closet which hold most of their clothes, bows, special books and party hats. Take a peek inside their closet here.

There really isn’t anything more fun than decorating a little girls room, but the best part is how much they love it. They use their quilts for picnics on the carpet, read books under the canopy and catch stars before bed.

A huge thank you to Against The Grain for gifting the something custom and special just for them. It is really my favorite part of their room!



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