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I’ve mentioned before that I feel like I am really slipping when it comes to keeping up with this pregnancy. With both Denver and Ray I kept a ‘bump book’- I took weekly photos of my growing bump and filled out a little blurb about the pregnancy as it came, week by week. This time around- I have done NOTHING. I’ve written in the book a few times, shoved in my ultra sounds and thats about it. I don’t even have a full length mirror since we moved to capture this growing bump.


I knew after we got our Maternity Photos back, I wanted them printed in a Chatbook. So instead of just adding them to my series, which I typically would have done, I did something a little more. First, I chose a gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. custom cover. They just released baby themed covers and I am so excited I had a reason to use one. I uploaded all the maternity photos as well as photos of all my ultrasounds.

**tip- take photos of your ultrasounds, the originals will fade with time because of the material. I’ve done this will all of my ultrasounds and I am so happy I did because both Denver and Rays ‘bump books’ got wet during the hurricanes and the original ultrasounds are not visible. 

I dated each ultra sound and noted how far along I was right on the page of the photo. I also added a little letter to baby girl at the beginning of the book. I think the maternity photos really captured the beauty of the bump and we get to watch her grow from the ultrasounds. The beautiful custom cover and quality of the book make it the perfect keepsake, and something she can keep forever. I chose a hardcover book which I always do. The quality is THAT much better, it will match the rest of my books and the title I chose will appear on the spine. Head to my Instagram @kelseyklos to see the book in real life and everything inside, all my Chatbooks insights are saved to my Chatbooks highlight bubble!


Thank you Chatbooks for taking care of our beautiful memories!

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