Gifts for the New Mom

Does anyone else feel completely stumped when it comes to buying gifts for a baby shower? You know there’s a registry for a reason, but sometimes it feels boring just buying something off of a list. I always have trouble with this, I like to put thought into the gifts I give, while making sure the mom-to-be get what she needs. As someone who uses a registry quite deliberately, and likes to get the things I register for, I always try to do the same for mama’s but put my own creative spin on it.

I love buying for new moms because I feel like I have a little experience in the baby product department. I shop from places they may have never heard of, plus I’ve been through the baby thing a couple times around, so I know what they need, even if they don’t.

Lately, if I am invited to a shower with a bunch of people I know, I like to go in on a big gift. If the mama has something like a Dock A Tot or Pack ‘n’ Play on her list, I will gather some girls to share the cost of a big ticket item. That way were only spending $20-30 on that big item and I can get her other little things I choose myself.

My girlfriend Julie, had her first baby about 5 months after I had Denver. I felt like I had the inside information of the things no one tells you when it comes to having a baby. I was emerged in the new baby phase and I wanted to gift her all the fun things I wish I had when Denver was brand new. The gift I built her has been my guideline to all the new mamas in my life, so I wanted to share everything I gifted her, with a few new things I wish I knew about three years ago!

I made her small little boxes to open at different times, but now that I know my way around small shops I would totally get custom Eden and Emerald pouches for each set of gifts.

Before You Deliver

I gave her my favorite baby book. When I had Denver I didn’t have a book yet and had no where to put her foot prints when she was born. I love Lucy Darling books, they come in so many designs and color schemes, they are easy to use, and beautiful.

When Baby Arrives

*at my baby shower for Denver, one of my mom friends brought me a shopping bag filled with giant maxi pads and epsom salts, this SAVED. MY. LIFE. No one tells you what after birth is like and it’s just unfair not knowing what to expect*

I would get the Mama pouch from Eden & Emeralds and include the Fridababy Momwasher, Dermoplast spray, pads, hair ties, hospital staff thank you notes, a new pair of undies and trail mix. These were all things that are just great to have at the hospital. I just took a few of each out of new packs, like 2-3 hair ties and 5 thank you notes, etc. I also love the seamless boy shorts from Victoria’s Secret after baby (black is the best color), you can get them on a deal like 5 for $28 and keep the extra pairs!

For Baby

I would get a custom name pouch (or Baby) from Eden & Emeralds for this one. Of course, buying for the baby is the fun part. This is where I get to buy from some of my favorite small shops and get creative! I love to get newborn size knotted gown from Candy Kirby Designs, if they know the sex of the baby I’ll get a classic pink or blue, or even match the color ways she has going on her registry. I also love the State Rattles from Bannor Toys. You can customize it with the babies name if its been chosen, and choose the color beads to go in the middle. To add a little some thing creative I have made tiny banners that read “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” to hang in the hospital bassinet! For Julie, I had kept her wedding invitation so I made the banner out of that, I thought it would be extra special!

When you go home

This is where I made a little emergency care pack. I took a travel size pack of wipes and tied on 4 newborn diapers. This is the perfect thing for mama to throw in the diaper bag or to have on hand. I also included Smooth Move Tea, because, its necessary. For Julie I also got two little dog treats for her fur babies at home. This could also be a little something for an older sibling! For these you could get a ‘Diaper‘ pouch or something mama would use in her diaper bag!


I also send a little something for Dad too, I usually get a mini bottle of Cruzan Rum or split bottle of champagne to celebrate!

I’ve said it before, gift giving is so much fun for me, hope this helps with any gift giving in your future!

xo, Kelsey

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