Welcome Brennan Garland

We welcomed our third baby girl, Brennan Garland, Monday night a little after 8pm. A lot of waiting, but a short labor and she was in the world happy and healthy. (I will share her birth story a little bit later).

Everyone was able to meet her Tuesday morning including two VERY proud big sisters. I was so lucky to have our photographer, Meredith Zimmerman, join us and capture these moments. With Brennan only a few hours old, and the girl absolutely elated, it was something I never want to forget. She did such a beautiful job, I’ll be staring at these photos forever.




I also wanted to share the meaning of her name. Brennan came from Danny’s late uncle Danny Brennan (also his name sake). He was so special to the family and we’ve wanted to use his name for a long time. Garland is Danny’s paternal grandmothers maiden name, we thought it was just beautiful and another ode to our amazing family.

I’ll be over here navigating three kids and the life as a family of 5, wish me luck, at least I can have wine!




Denver’s felt flower, Brennan’s Peach berry Cluster and Name banner are Fancy Free Finery.

Brennan’s tiny white bow and large pink and white bow are Little Poppy Co, Her Swaddle is Solly Baby Wrap and her Onesie is Modern Burlap.

Brennan’s ginger velvet bow and my velvet scrunchie are Wunderkin Co

Ray’s Clip is Ryan and Wren 

Denver’s outfit and Ray’s outfit are from Amazon

The boppy cover is Madly Wish

The Rainbow Swaddle is Clementine Kids


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