Packing the Hospital Bag

Packing the bag, the sure fire way you are READY for baby to come.

I like to have our bags packed about 2 weeks ahead of time, but this pregnancy is throwing us some curve balls so the earlier the better. Whatever doesn’t get packed is listed and on the fridge and on the bathroom mirror. The last thing you want, is your husband asking what you need to pack while you are in labor. So, give me all the checklists and being OVER prepared. It will pay off.

I will say the hospital experience is different everywhere- especially in the islands. I learned there were some things I did not get with my births that made a world of difference so I just bring them myself.  A lot of things on my list the average hospital will provide for you!


I pack a small duffle bag for my self and a fully STOCKED diaper bag with personal items and baby things + my boppy for nursing that also acts as an extra pillow for me! I will be using my Oh Joy x Calpack packing cubes to stay organized. I have my husband pack a small bag as well, but I know he’ll be coming back home for showers and anything we forget.

For me, baby number three is a little different. I am in a new hospital, with a new doctor and (here’s the kicker) we’re planning to let this babe come on her own. I was induced with both Denver and Ray, and it was the BEST thing ever. I showed up, freshly showered, got my epidural and a couple hours later had a baby! But, my doctor happens to be out of town the week I am due, so if nothing happens while she’s gone, baby girl will come after her due date. This makes me VERY nervous. ONE, because our family (aka child care) is flying in, so with an unexpected date we could have to find someone to watch the girls last minute. TWO, because I want the drugs and I’m afraid she’ll come too fast to get them. This being baby number three, my body knows whats up, and like I said, I labored for less than two hours with both other girls, so well see what happens!

We are excited to leave it up to her, I’ll just be preparing a little extra this time around…

I put the things I need on my MyRegistry which makes it an easy gift for people to get for you, plus acts like a must have list for you! I teamed up again with MyRegistry to help you pack your bags! Make these items favorites on your registry so you are hospital ready. Even if people are not purchasing these items for you, its a great reference with links so if you buy them for yourself, you can easily check them off once they are purchased!

What I am packing for ME: When I was packing to have Ray, it was all about comfort. Nursing robes, and gowns are a must. I am taking a couple of sets from A Pea in a Pod, I love this set and this robe. I have a set from Denver and Ray that I will use again, I LIVE in these for the first month after we get home too! I also got this amazing nursing friendly sleep shirt from Gap. I’m excited about this, I think it will be so easy and I won’t have to worry about my robe staying closed.

My number one essential is my FridaBaby Momwasher it made a WORLD of difference in the comfort department and, of course, the thickest pads you can find, because, child birth. Don’t forget a comfortable going home outfit, (I suggest a maternity dress) and slip on shoes! I am also packing a sweatshirt just in case its chilly in the hospital.

For toiletries, I made it super easy on my self and ordered a travel kit from Young Living. I got it on my essential rewards order and it has EVERYTHING I need, plus I get to try some of their products I haven’t tried yet! This time around I am also packing some essential oil rollers for Danny and I. I will bring ones for mood support, muscle pain and sleep support, we’ll need it!


What I am packing for BABE: Prepping for baby’s first outfits is one of my favorite things.  When Ray was born the hospital didn’t have A/C so it was a white onesie, if that. This time I’ll pack 2 “outfits” typically a knotted gown from Candy Kirby Designs and a footed onesie. I got a sweet cream onesie from Modern Burlap, I can’t wait to use it. I will bring coordinating bows and bonnets instead of hats. I like to keep what she wears in the hospital in classic colors like pinks and creams. I want photos of her to stay timeless at the hospital. I will also bring 2 swaddle blankets, one for fun and a solid pink one for photos. I’m bringing the rainbow print one from Clemintine Kids for a fun pop of color and this solid pink one from Solly Baby Wrap. I love how soft this is, plus I have the Solly wrap to match!

pro tip: whatever blankets the hospital gives you, take home! I’ve kept the girls hospital blankets and embroidered them, its such a special keepsake.


Her going home outfit is already decided, she will be the 4th girl to wear it home. Denver, Ray and I wore this bunny onesie home from the hospital, so it is very special!


I always bring along a baby book to make sure you get their foot prints inside. I got another memory book from Lucy Darling. They make the most gorgeous books and I love them because they are “photo focused” so its not something I have to write in everyday to keep up! These books have a place for foot prints, a letter to the baby and your hospital bracelet. Plus, she just came out with new prints, I scored the beach themed one, obviously. I also bring any fun “announcement” type things you might want to have for photos. I plan to bring my tiny letter board and a name banner to hang on her bassinet.

Other than that, I pack my diaper bag with normal things like newborn diapers, rash cream, nail file, etc. The hospital has most of these things, but back ups are a must! I am using my newest Fawn Design diaper bag with my mini tote savvy insert, it’s all about organization while looking chic, am I right? The mini Tote Savvy is a perfect fit of the original Fawn, it creates more pockets and organization, you can see how I use it here.

I’ll also be using my custom Eden and Emeralds pouches for my oils and things for baby girl! I feel like it’s the time to ask for help, from hubby, in laws, my mama, etc. So when I need something and I can instruct them to a pouch- so EASY! I am filling baby’s pouch with all the tiny things like bows, pacis, bonnets, mittens and socks! the perfect place for all the little things.


Extras I like to have: Champagne, against the rules I know, but we love to pop a bottle to welcome baby girl and celebrate as a family, our hospital room is always a party! Thank you notes, I like to thank the staff, nurses and doctors, and believe it or not, I have a little down time in the hospital so it’s a perfect time to write and hand them out. I also like to have my planner and paperwork, I remember setting appointments in the hospital bed and I needed my stuff- life doesn’t stop so I need to be prepared! Snacks, I’m planning to make a big bag of trail mix, filled with sweet and salty treats and dried fruits and nuts for energy- it will be a great snack to have once I can eat and to give me strength during those late night nursing sessions. I like to have a water bottle, extra long phone charger, my iPad for movies and my boppy pillow of course.

My plan for the GIRLS: They are not invited. Well, of course they are but this time around I really want to keep them away until the baby is here and we are in postpartum. When I was in labor with Ray, Denver was 1.5 and needed constant attention and distraction. Danny was with her taking her outside to play, walking around, etc. etc. It stressed me out BIG time, because there were times when I needed him in the room and he was outside or something. This time, I don’t want to focus on the girls, I just want to focus on having the baby. So, if all goes as planned- the girls will stay home with family until we give them the go ahead to bring them and meet their sister.

When they do arrive I have ‘big sister gifts’ from the new baby, another exciting something for them to transition. I will share everything that’s going into those later. Here is what Denver got from Ray!

**Update, find all the details in their Big Sister gifts HERE

Birth Plan: I never had one in the past, but just incase I have a doctor that doesn’t know me, I want us all to be on the same page. I am very easy- I want drugs, thats the plan! I’ve had two easy births in the past other than that, I’m pretty much along for the ride. There are a couple little details I like my doctor to know so to have something on paper will make it very easy.

Other things to prep for, I added some things I want to do before she comes, like get my nails done and make sure the house is clean, a couple luxuries that are nice to have done before baby. I also have to think about the girls and that they are going to be with grandparents. I will have their schedule printed out and hanging on the fridge for reference. I will leave our wifi password, quirks about our home and important numbers- hopefully all the information they could need if we are not there.

Below, I attached some FREE downloads of my hospital checklist, birth plan and home guide that you can print and use! If you would like a child schedule to match, with your custom name, shoot me an email and I’ll send it to you!

Birth Plan

Hospital Checklist

Wifi Sheet

Another big THANK YOU to MyRegistry for helping me get organized on exactly what I needed for the baby and I. Hope this helps get ready and prepare you for baby!



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