Nesting {35 week update}

Here we are, nearing the end with one month to go. I can’t believe we are here. I am at the point where I need to take extra good care of my self and baby girl. AKA drink all the water and sit down from time to time. In between those things and chasing toddlers, I am constantly nesting. I am leaving all the home improvement things to Danny (did you see our new dining room table?) and taking on the girls closets! Because, tiny clothes never hurt anyone!

Basically, everything MUST. BE. LABLED.

Aside from exhausting my label maker, I started using the girls Easter basket tags from Chalk Designs by Me in their closets, and basically anywhere else I could show them off! They made the perfect dividers to tell between Ray’s clothes and Denver’s clothes. They are so close in size these days, their hanging clothes needed the separation!


I keep their shorts and tops in plastic drawers (a mess I might add, who has time to fold?), labeled of course- and their tutus and dress up clothes on bow hooks on their wall. I added her colored tags from this years baskets to the hooks to tell the difference. The girls request tutus daily, so this helps! All other accessories are out of reach like their bows, party hats and headbands.

Hooks | Necklaces | Tutus

Once I did this in the girls closet, I knew baby girl needed the same organization. I reached out to Miranda to make her closet dividers. She made Newborn- 12 months, I wrapped a few velvet hangers in some cute yarn so they would stand out a bit more and hung away. I love the black and gold tags amongst all the girly pink clothes. My favorite tag is the “tiny little things” I will use this one on a basket in the closet to hold all the socks, diaper covers and burp cloths. It’s just so sweet!


Baby basket | Bonnets | Bow | Pacis |Blanket  | Bib| Pom Pom bin

If I haven’t convinced you yet, these tags are perfect for anything and everything! Go check out Chalk Designs By Me and get your hands on some! Thank you again Miranda for adding the sweetest touches to every corner of our home!


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